Armed and Dangerous

Humor doesn't always work in computer games, but the laughs blend well with the non-stop action in this third person shooter set in an alternate Scotland filled with robots, projectile land sharks and portable black holes. Armed and Dangerous sends you through wave after wave of smart-cracking bad guys, blasting your way to the end of a stream of missions that will eventually have you take on the King Forge.

Most of the game is pretty straight forward, with the exception of the weapons and power-ups. There are a few levels that will have you soaring over the action with a jumper pack and other levels are completed with the assistance of two sidekicks, which can be directed to guard you or attack a specific area.

What really sets this game apart though is the humor. Besides the constant stream of jokes and one-liners coming from Roman, the lead in the game, the weapons and their effects are truly spectacular in a very humorous way. Take for instance the topsy turvy bomb. This device basically looks like a giant corkscrew, when you activate it, Roman screws it into the ground and then gravity is reversed flipping your screen over and sending all of the bad guys screaming into space. A few seconds later the screen reverts and you can walk around, but watch out for the bodies of falling bad guys. It's a great effect.

Another favorite of mine is the land shark gun. Just aim the gun at an enemy and pull the trigger, a full sized land shark jets across the ground leaps up and grabs the baddie, thrashing him back and forth until he is dead. It's a great homage to one of the best Saturday Night Live skits of all time.

Although many of the weapons have built in punch lines, the one you'll use most often is the machine gun. The game offers slight Xbox Live support with the promise of downloadable weapons and levels, something that could be hit or miss depending on how humorous it is.

Armed and Dangerous is a sold third-person shooter but gets a little old after awhile, the game's saving grace is its well-written plot and myriad of dialogue jokes. It's almost like playing a Monty Python script.

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