Base Wars

a game by Ultra Soft

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Sports

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Take a baseball game, mix in a couple cyborgs, add a few assorted robots, some weapons, and a couple of quarts of motor oil, and you've got the recipe for Base Wars, the latest sports game from Konami/Ultra.

Base Wars picks up where that arcade mega-hit, Cyberball, left off. But this time robots have replaced humans on the baseball diamond. With the addition of metal men to America's pastime comes a new set of rules. No longer does an owner's cash have to be spent on free agents, now it can be allocated for mechanical repairs and... weapons!

Take Me Out to the Brawl Game

While most of the traditional rules of baseball remain in Base Wars (three outs an inning, three strikes is an out, etc.), one major addition guarantees that Base Wars is not your run-of-the-mill baseball game. Now you have to fight for the right to advance a base. You didn't think a lumbering hunk of metal could really "steal" a base, did you? Whenever a ball is put into play, any close play is fought out between the base runner and the fielder.

If a battle occurs, the game shifts from the traditional over-the-field view to a close-up battle screen. The two robots slug or shoot it out until one of their power bars reaches zero. If the winner of the battle is the runner, he's safe and he may advance another base if he desires. If the fielder wins, the runner's out and play continues.

ProTip: When you reduce a robot's hit points to zero during a battle, stand as far away from the fallen foe as possible. You can take damage if you're too close to him when he explodes.

Medic! Mechanic!

There are two ways to win a game of Base Wars. Outscoring your opponent in nine innings or disabling three of the other guy's players.

Every robot has a certain amount of hit points at the beginning of the season. Every time you battle either you lose hit points when you take on damage or gain some back when you inflict some of your own. When your hit points hit zero, your robot is history! Early on it's a good idea to decide whether you're playing for runs or playing for kills.

  • Bearing an opponent causes 20 points on more of damage (depending on how fast the ball's thrown). It's worth walking a player if you can reduce a low hit point total even lower.
  • The computer opponent gets much tougher in battles after you destroy one of his players. It's a good idea to reduce three of his players' hit points simultaneously.

Build Your Team -- Piece By Piece

Winning brings cash rewards, which can be used on repairs and robot upgrades. A whole arsenal of weapons and other devices are available for a price. If you're playing a full season, the team you start with and the team you have in the end will be extremely different.

Nuts and Bolts

Base Wars is a lot of fun, but not flawless. Graphics and sound are only average, and the screen often is unable to scroll fast enough to keep up with the action. But the biggest flaw is a missing "quick play" mode similar to SNK's Baseball Stars. Base Wars lets you form a league with up to six teams, but you must suffer through games played between computer opponents if you're playing by yourself.

As a multi-player game, Base Wars really excels. It's a nice mix of baseball and battling -- you'll never get tired of kicking the other guy's can -- literally!

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  • Manufacturer: Ultra
  • Machine: Nintendo
  • Type: Sport
  • Release: 1991
  • Difficulty: Average

Baseball takes on a whole new meaning when the athletes are cybernetic warriors. These robots aren't programmed to knit, either! In this game there are no force outs. To earn the right to have a base, you must fight it out with the defense, winner take all! Super speed pitches, maximum control changeups, and even an out of orbit satellite dish are featured within the boundaries of Basewars.

People say:


Base Wars is the Cyberball of baseball, offering up robots of all kinds in a souped-up version of our favorite pastime. Both the one and two-playing version highlight great pitching and batting action, fantastic graphics and some of the best sports action you'll ever find.


Wow! Now this is a game which even 'normal' baseball fans can get into. While deceptive at first glance, if you give it a try it will grow on you. With lots of different editing features, no two games are ever the same. The parts shop is a nice touch but for the full effect try the pennant race!


Base Wars is awesome! My first impression was that it was a baseball/Cyberball ripoff. After playing it for 5 minutes I was hooked. Great graphics and addicting game play combined with totally fresh theme make this one of the best sports games I've ever played!


It's Cyberball in a baseball stadium! About time! This concept is nothing new, but it is executed with extreme precision and style. Take it from me, with all those stuffy baseball simulators out there, this cart is a breath of fresh air. You'll be rolling in your seats when you fight for a base!!

reggie posted a review
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