Battle Chess

a game by Data East

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Board Games

See also: Chess Games, Battle Games

Forget your old man's game! This is chess like you've never played it. Because Battle Chess isn't a game - it's war!

Now when you capture an enemy's soldier, the struggle unfolds in 3-D animation. Knight versus knight has never been so exciting!

Six levels of play make Battle Chess a challenge for veteran chess players as well as the novice. Want to concentrate on strategy - then use the 2-D overview. And when you're ready for action, switch to the colorful 3-D graphics and digitized sound effects!

Take battle strategy into the 21st century with Battle Chess! And leave the chess board behind.

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If you are a chess fan, then you may want to check this title out. This is simply chess in a three-dimensional board, with pieces that walk, talk, and fight to the finish when taking another players' chess pieces!

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