Clock Tower

a game by Ascii

Platform: Playstation

Genre: Adventure/RPG

Clock Tower claims to have the most terrifying story ever incorporated in a video game. Now this is no minor claim! It is especially for horror buffs out there looking to be scared out of their wits with controller in hand. There are five different levels accessed by finding particular items and talking to specific characters during the preceding levels. One cool feature players will find enjoyable are the 10 different endings that range from good to not so good depending how you do in the title for the ultimate in replay value.

  • THEME - Adventure

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A bright plume of warm crimson rain erupted as the giant scissors rent the flesh of his next victim... This is certainly not the game for the timid or weak of stomach! From corpses at your bedroom door to half eaten bodies in the restroom. ASCII Entertainment. Inc. has packed Clock Tower to the belfry with some of the most gruesome and spectacular graphics of the year!

Watch in horror as the limping gait of the immortal Scissorman approaches your present hiding place--only to see the bright fountain of your own blood if he happens to find you!

Any horror fen will quickly recognize the brilliance of the programmer s virtuoso performance in the lighting, shadowing, angles, and sheer volume of gruesome content! Lots of animation and full 3-D polygons were used to bring the bloody, murderous surroundings to life. This, in conjunction with the well detailed backgrounds and characters, will have you at the edge of your seat--praying that you make it through the night!


The chilling sound of the Banshees scream itself couldn't have been more dreadful than the sound of the sheering scrape of sharpened steel blades sliding past each other--not to mention the wonderful effect of pure silence in some of the most chillingly tense scenes of the game. There's something terribly dreadful in the sound of your own two feet echoing through some of the most profoundly evil halls ever wrought, and I couldn't agree more with the programmers when they spoke of the "Terror of Sound" which they labored for in this game!

ASCII Entertainment's purpose in the sound scheme of this game is fairly easy to understand... with sounds that aren't there when they should be, sounds in impossible places, the chilling music of the chase, and the haunting scrape of the Scissorman himself as he stalks you with inhuman determination...they want to scare you out of your skin!

Of course, the voice-overs and sound effects of the surrounding environments are a beautiful addition to the already impressive audio display. The tightly knit unison of background noise, voices, sound of movement, music, and silence create a living auditory atmosphere that will draw you into the world of terror on the screen right before you.


In a game where one false move could easily mean the difference between escape and grizzly death, control is of paramount importance. This is another area where Clock Tower excels!

The ease with which the player can move about the screens and interact with objects (in a myriad of different ways) is easily accomplished with the use of surprisingly few different types of on-screen indicators. Each tell the character what types of actions are possible. This gives an intuitive control that is necessary when your life hangs on a split second decision. Additionally, using the item menu for accessing the items which you've collected is only a button press away!

From fleeing down dark corridors and hiding in shower stalls, to hurling chairs and brawling with your would be assailant, the full range of movements offered by Clock Tower will leave you breathless with the fight or flight instinct as you navigate the beautifully wrought 3-D environment

Very seldom does a game come out that achieves true excellence in every area of gameplay. With stunning visual effects, outstanding depth of characters and storyline. precision control, perfection of the "Terror of Sound," as well as the replay value of ten endings. ASCII Entertainment must be congratulated for a work of art. Clock Tower is a masterpiece of Horror!


In addition to the normal features of present day video games, like being able to save and load games.ASCII Entertainment has also included several "Special Features." As you will quickly notice when playing the game, you'll have the opportunity to play as four different characters. You can end the game with all four characters, and each one has several different endings depending on how well you do in the game. Once you've seen an ending, you can check on the special menu "Ending List" to see whether you got an A. B. C. D. or E ending. You can review the ending cinematic by selecting one of the endings you have completed (There is no cinematic for the D endings). In this way. you'll know when you've completed all ten endings.--Once you've completed an "A" ending, you can go to the "???'' in the pamphlet menu option for a secret EXTRA MODE menu! Also, when you've completed all ten endings, you have the power to go back and start the game over--There will be another new option called BUY-OBUBYO. (I won't give away what this does, but believe me. it's cool!)


As you may have noticed, you can't actually expect to solve the case of the Scissorman if you're kicking up daisies with a large scissor hole in your chest. If you find this alarming, you may find that the following information may help you to get in a few good licks before spilling your guts at Scissorman's feet. Scope out a room before you're in danger. If there seems to be a large something that you could run around (like a table or a couch), it could buy you some time to think when Scissorman chases you around and around. Also, look for items that you could possibly throw at Scissorman. There is one room with a chair that you can throw at him, in another room, there's a bike, and in yet another room, you can find a mop to hurl at your attacker. There are several items in each scenario that can be used to slow down the Scissorman, but be cautious with the items you throw, you can only throw them at him once. Also, try to avoid hiding in the same place too many times in a row. Scissorman has a limited IQ, but he's not that stupid! As a last resort, you can use the panic button to engage Scissorman in hand to hand combat. If you press the panic button fast enough, you live, if not, you're history! Be aware that you can only use this method a couple of times before your status arrow goes red--then you'll have to try running away instead of least until your status goes back to yellow or white. Also remember to check every nook and cranny for items that you may be able to use later. With a little help, you might just live to see tomorrow.


With one of the first true horror stories to come to the PlayStation game console, ASCII Entertainment is staying at the forefront of ground breaking technology and new genre ideas with this latest game. This isn't just another of the tired "battle against the typical bad guy" formula game where you go into a scary house, look around, kick butt, and leave. Clock Tower brings a totally new villain concept to the screen. Scissorman appears in a mystical and beautiful land seldom thought of when conceiving a new game (Romsdaaren, Norway), and when he gets there, all hell breaks loose--it's your job to clean it all up and try to put a stop to it. The beauty is that the random appearance of the villain makes the game totally unpredictable from start to finish, giving a tired old preconception of games (that a character should be at a certain place at a certain time) a new life in what's sure to be a new genre of true horror games for the PlayStation game console. Enjoy!

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