Dinosaurs for Hire

a game by Tom Mason

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genres: Action, Shooting Games

Fans of Malibu Comics' Dinosaurs for Hire will notice that Sega's cleaned up the Dinos' act -- there are no scantily clad babes in this Genesis game. Video game archaeologists won't dig up much that's new and different in this game, but they'll have fun trying.

Hired Guns

For plenty of gaming action, this game is as big as the "boys!' who stomp through five stages with a whomping total of 12 areas. The game play is standard run-n-gun. The fast-living fossils blow everything in sight, try to reach the other end of the level and grab any Green Crystal power-up they see along their way. Although not as satisfying as the Ninja Turtles saga, there's a certain joy that comes from just plain shootin' up the joint.

In a second, you'll recognize the tough-talkin' Dino dudes -- Reese, Lorenzo and Archie. Large character sprites capture the dinos' spirits, and nice animations accompany their different moves. Unfortunately, the enemies are a monotonous crew, except for the big gang of bad bosses that are nicely drawn and a blast to fight. Cool explosive sound effects accompany the action, but the repetitious music could have put more rocks in its roll.


  • A rapid-fire controller makes any of the three Dinos dangerously deadly.
  • You can't get past this live wire in the first part of Level 1's Subway. Drop down to the tracks and go around it instead.
  • In Level 2 don't fall on the giant rotors in Beneath Hoover Dam, or it's dinosaur slice and dice. Instead, shoot them to find hidden power-ups.
  • Go for the legs of the Titanium Triceratops at the end of Level 3. Next, destroy the laser in the far right comer, then the missiles on his back, and then finally his head.

When the Dinos line up to kick some prehistoric butt, you and a buddy can play as your favorite reptile dudes. Each Dino has his own special moves and high-caliber weaponry. The game's best when played as a simultaneous two-player fire fight. Challenge-wise, however, the game play is uneven. Even with adjustable difficulty levels, some areas are an easy job for the dinosaurs, even the first time through. Tougher areas, like the second section of the Subway, and a little more variety in the repetitive game play would've pushed it up the evolutionary ladder.

To shoot tanks in the far lane of Level 3's freeway, lay down and fire. For military vehicles on the near side of the road, shoot diagonally.

Dinosaurs for Hire Downloads

Sega Genesis Dinosaurs for Hire download
  • Manufacturer: Irem
  • Machine: Super Famicom

In this new side-scrolling adventure, you play a little boy who needs to help the dinosaurs! You can ride upon any dinosaur's back and use whatever method of attack the dinosaur would utilize! You can also collect power-ups to strengthen your dinosaur and yourself! The game is coming soon from Irem!

reggie posted a review

A Contra-type action game, except you can pick one of three dinosaurs - each with his own special attacks, etc. Overall, an entertaining shoot 'em-up. But at times, the programming looks shoddy and rushed.

reggie posted a review

Jurassic Park? That's for sissies! Real dinosaurs know where the action is, and that's wherever they can find it! That's how these three dinosaurs make their living. They're Dinosaurs For Hire - the latest shoot-'em-up game for the Genesis! There is a 1 -or-2 player mode, in addition to several items, and power-ups to get! Oh, let's not forget levels! We've got plenty of those - big ones at that! Fans of the Dinosaurs For Hire comic book may notice the omission of Cyrano, the Pterandon, but he shows up to give hints at times!

reggie posted a review

As a rule people fight against dinosaurs, however in the game the situation is opposite. You choose your player out of three spiteful reptiles, each of which is armed with a machine gun. What a great picture!? The dinosaur with a machine gun - the genocide is provided. Besides the killing weapon, the dinosaur can involve the butt or the tail - that depends on the character.

reggie posted a review
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