Earthworm Jim

a game by Shiny Entertainment

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Genres: Action, Arcade Classics, Shooting Games, Platformer

Earthworm Jim

You've been hearing it for months now, and it's true. Earthworm Jim is, without a doubt, one of the best games of 1994. Prepare for spectacular graphics and the most innovative game play since Sonic first raced onto the Genesis.

ProTip: In the bonus rounds, collect 50 bubbles and beat Psy-Crow to the end to earn a Continue.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

It all starts when Psy-Crow, a renegade alien, has a close encounter of the wrong kind with another alien craft. When he nukes the alien's ship, a special cybernetic warsuit goes tumbling through the stratosphere and lands on a standard garden-variety earthworm. The suit mutates the worm into a hero like no other -- Earthworm Jim! Of course, once Psy-Crow activates his suit tracker and traces the suit to Earth, Jim has big problems.

You guide Jim through ten levels with so many new and unusual twists; it'll take you more than a few playthroughs to notice them all.

In the first level, New Junk City, Jim leaps off old tires, climbs strange crevices and cliffs, swings from chains, and creeps through a maze of garbage -- and that's the most traditional level in the game! From here on out, it gets more and more unpredictable. Get ready for a romp through a fiery place called Heck where lawyers prowl, a warped laboratory with a crazy collection of mad-scientist paraphernalia, a bungee-jumping contest with a snotty combatant, and much more. Every level is equally innovative and uses equally unpredictable styles of play.

Don't worry about grabbing power-ups -- extra guns, 1-ups, and health are plentiful. Instead, you'll spend your brain cells figuring out how to maneuver Jim through each area and beat the enemies, especially the bosses. You must figure out the tricky twist it takes to beat each one.

  • Shoot up and off to the sides of the screen, then listen for ricochet sounds. They'll give you clues about the location of sites from which you can swing.
  • You can swing from anything that's got a sparkle on it.

As the Worm Turns

EJ's controls are easy to master, and that's good, because the game play is tough. At Jim's disposal are his two guns, his head, which he uses as a whip and as a grappling hook to swing from things, and a helicopter!

To defeat Chuck, the second New Junk City boss, whip the crates he drops so they land on the spring and bounce into him.

You can aim your gun in only eight directions, but the CPU reads what you're aiming at and accommodates you, so your shots actually arc in nearly 64 directions. You can master the basic moves in New Junk City, but you'll have to figure out new ways to use them as you get farther into the game. Play is tough enough for advanced gamers -- beginners will feel like crawling back into a hole.

In Heck, stand on these green gems and run to make them lift you to higher areas.

You must repeat the process flawlessly to defeat this trashy beast.

Eat Dirt

David Perry and his Animotion programming and unique compression techniques make Earthworm Jim a masterpiece. The awesome graphics have a 3D look and feel, including an uncanny ability to rotate and scale that makes the game look just like a 'toon. Jim's humorous animations and creative villains bring the clever story line to life with lots of raunchy humor.

Better yet, sound effects, tunes, and even voices are far more crisp than you would think possible on the Genesis. The sound effects in particular are a big part of the game's humor -- as with the disgusting burbles that emanate from the Butt-hole boss.

It Worms the Heart

Both versions, the Genesis and Super Nintendo, are spectacular, but the Genesis version has an additional level (Intestine). Either way, if you're only planning to get one game this holiday season, make it Earthworm Jim.

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  • Manufacturer: Playmates
  • Mechine: Super NES

Debug The Worm!

With this code you can open up a whole can of worms. Tricks galore, and weird floating heads add even more style to the ultra-hip EJ.

reggie posted a review

Earthworm Jim has been hyped as the best game of the year, which may be a premature assessment. But this game does walk the walk and talk the talk, so the hype works!

ProTip: Stand on the edge of the platform when this boss starts spewing fish. Then roll boxes onto the spring (using your whip) to knock him out of commission.

For Our Next Segment

The trouble begins when a character named Psy-Crow loses his shirt...literally. The super suit he wears falls into the possession of the lowest form of life around. No, not a talk-show host, but a worm named Jim who instantly becomes a superhero, complete with a rotary head and an alien-blasting gun. He needs all the help he can get because Psy-Crow finds out that Jim has the suit, and the chase is on.

The backgrounds in this game are some of the funniest around, including the hellish Heck (where accountants are the scariest enemies around and lounge music accompanies tortured screaming) and a Tube Level (where you end up trapped in the world's largest hamster cage). Legions of enemies fill the levels. Some are expected, like crows pecking at Jim's head, while others are as unpredictable as Snowmen in Hell.


The graphics in Earthworm Jim don't suffer from bottom-of-the-food-chain-itis. Shiny Entertainment (the programmers) packed as much action and animation into each character as the SNES would allow, taking advantage of the whole 256-color palette.

The sounds are a cross between Spike Jones and Spike Lee. Funky Earthworm hip hop is interlaced with screams, yells, gorilla grunts, and dear- as-crystal snaps of Jim's whip.

This Is Ground Control To Earthworm Jim

The super-sensitive controls, however, are not so heart-worming. Some stages require a light touch, like the Bubble Sphere ride in Down the Tubes. Here you have a limited amount of time to find oxygen, and you can't touch the walls! In another stage, you can lose a life if you fail to whip your head in just the right place. On top of that, you get only one continue, though you can win more in bonus rounds.

  • To finish off the boss in Heck, continually shoot at him before he wraps around Jim. Then avoid the twin trails of fire that shoot from both sides of the screen.
  • Shoot pesky flying critters before you advance. They're bothersome life-drainers.
  • If you attach to a pulley that doesn't move, try shooting. That'll move you.

Getting Wormer

These control flaws are a minor inconvenience in an otherwise great game. Earthworm Jim is just what side-scroller fans are looking for. Parents: This game is definitely a worm present for this holiday season.

In the underwater level, look for air-refilling machinery to get extra air. Make sure you don't crack your shell too much, or you'll implode.

reggie posted a review

Earthworm Jim is a very popular run and gun platform video game, created by Doug TenNapel and designed by David Perry. The game was developed by Shiny Entertainment and released for Mega Drive/Genesis in 1994, for the first time. Since then it was ported to SNES, Game Boy, Game Gear, Sega Master System and Game Boy Advance. The game received several awards over the time, and thanks to its popularity was developed for other platforms as well, such as PC, Wii (2008), iPhone, Symbian S60, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

The storyline follows the main character, an earthworm called Jim, and involves lots of colorful characters, being praised for its animations and graphics. One day, somewhere above Earth, Psy-Crow, the villain, cornered a rebel pilot. Thanks to an ultra high tech suit falling on him, Jim mutated himself into an intelligent superhero. Jim hears about Psy-Crows malefic plans and sets out to defeat him. He has to fight many enemies along the way, with Evil the Cat, Chuck and Fifi, Major Mucus or Bob the Killer Goldfish among others.

The gameplay of the game has been considered a bit strange. Jim was attacking by launching cows, but other weird twists added to the insanity of the game. Jim is the only controllable character in the game. He can run, use his gun, swing on hooks and get powerups. In the game, when fighting against mini-bosses, Jim has to find their weaknesses and defeat them by using the information he has.

The game was so popular that was followed-up by sequels. Earthworm Jim 2 came in 1995 for many platforms, while Earthworm Him 3D and Earthworm Jim: Menace 2 the Galaxy, both in 1999. However, the last two games were developed without the involvement of Shiny Entertainment, and received poor to negative feedback. Atari planned Earthworm Jim for PSP for 2007, but the idea was cancelled. The rumors about Earthworm Jim 4 were unconfirmed, but something has been heard about this game being in the development process.

The game, as I stated several times before, was very popular when first released. It was awarded the Best Genesis Game in 1994 by Electronic Gaming Monthly, and is placed on 114th place in Nintendo Power's Top 200 Games.

The game was considered appealing to many demographics. With moderate difficulty level and a stylish humor, the game became a hit on the market from both critical and financial view. The fact that the game was even developed for two mobile operating systems says a lot about how wanted and enjoyed this game is.


IGN rated the 1994 version of the game with 7, but the readers and players offered a total of 8.5 out of 10. The game for PC was given a 7.1 rating by GameSpot, while 279 users rated the game with an overall feedback of 7.8 out of 10.

reggie posted a review

Meet Jim he’s no ordinary game character he is an earthworm, this earthworm has special abilities though, he can battle evil. How can an earthworm battle anything you ask, Jim is very special he was molded into a robotic suit that fell from the galaxy. This little goes from small to tall. The suit was meant for evil Queen Slug for a Butt; however, a rebel group stole it. The queen’s evil henchmen are out to help her try to take over the galaxy. It is up to Jim (you) to stop her from her quest to be ruler of the galaxy. With a variety of hilarious character names like Psy-Crow, Professor Monkey-For-A-Head, Princess What’s-Her-Name, Major Mucus, Chuck and Fifi, Evil the Cat, and last Bob the Killer Goldfish. During your many adventures, your main objective is to rescue Princess What’s-Her-Name from her evil sister Queen Slug for a Butt who is trying to eliminate her. You must battle your way thru several levels, are you going to make it to Buttville to annihilate the Queen and ruin her plans. Created by Shiny Entertainment, released in 1994 for use with Sega Mega Drive and converted to SNES, other platforms this game is compatible with are the Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, Game Boy, Game Gear, Game Boy Advanced, and a special edition released for the Sega-CD.

reggie posted a review
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