Eliminator Boat Duel

a game by Electro Brain

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Racing

Eliminator Boat Duel

Published by Electro-Brain and developed by Sculptured Software, Inc., Radioactive Software the game was released in 1991.

It can either be played against a human opponent or the computer. Open water, the bayou, and even industrial water districts – the settings the races can be run in. There are several sections a boat race consists of: the starting line; the primary sections; the top-down sections are full of such threats to avoid as alligators, sharks, and whirlpools. Each boat race finishes in the side-scrolling view. If the boats come through too much close together, girls in bikini become confused and ask for a slo-mo replay. Then prize money is awarded, players may use it to repair and upgrade the boats with better steering, tougher hulls and faster engines.

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Eliminator Boat Duel Downloads

NES Eliminator Boat Duel download

Take to the water in this high speed action cart. Race against the your opponents and go for the prize, if you win it you get to keep your life.

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