F-117A Stealth Fighter

a game by Microprose

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Simulation

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F-117A Stealth Fighter
  • Manufacturer: Nintendo

The Stealth Advanced Tactical Fighter. America's most guarded military secret. And now you're in the cockpit, ready to unleash the explosive power of the F-117A on rival forces around the world. The mystery is over. And the enemy is toast.

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Now you see 'em, now you don't. That's what the Stealth Fighter does on enemy radar screens. Still, your first glance at MicroProse's F-117A Stealth Fighter flight sim for the NES might make you want to sign up with the other side. Stick with it, though, and you'll fly into a commendable jet combat game.

High-tech Meets Low-tech

F-117A Stealth Fighter is a solid, first-person perspective, combat flight sim. You fly classified missions into six theaters, where success opens up three other secret missions.

The view from inside the cockpit is standard issue NES stuff. The graphics aren't supersonic, but they won't send you into a tailspin either. There are some nice screens in-between the action, and a nifty instant replay feature. The sounds, however, deserve Stealth treatment: they're best left undetectable.

Turn, Bu, and Learn

The flying and the fighting are the attractions in this game, and F-117A delivers. The solid controls make the actual flying simple, but if you're really lame you can switch on an Autopilot.

ProTip: Whenever you lose control of your aircraft, try switching on the Autopilot It may save your can.

Where you need to concentrate is on your well-equipped instrument panel, which is outfitted with displays for Altitude, Speed, Damage, Chaff, Flares, Ammo, and your missile count. The key instruments are a long-range radar screen and vital short-range radar screen. You'd better get familiar with all this gadgetry if you want to survive your sorties.

The opposition launches well-planned attacks against you. You have to shake and bake to lose the enemy interceptors and homing missiles. Sea-based and land-locked antiaircraft missiles and guns take highly accurate potshots at you, too.

If your ejection seat is damaged, keep trying to make it work. What other choice do you have?

Set enemy anti-Stealth skills (both airborne and ground-based) to four levels. At any level, you'll soon seriously question all the hub-bub about Stealth technology, because these 8-bit guys have no trouble finding you!

If you can't shake an enemy on your tail, slow down quickly. He might fly past you, and then you've got him in your sights!

Friendly Fire

To counteract the bad guys' tactics, you can select five weapon loads that feature various quantities of Sidewinder Air-to-Air Missiles and Maverick Air-to-Ground Missiles. You also get a Vulcan cannon loaded with over 900 rounds of ammo.

Enemy fighters don't take off if you're below 3,000 feet.

You can fly solo, or you can recruit a fellow flier. Your bud can join you as weapons officer, or he can fly against you in a fighter-versus-fighter showdown

Stealthy Flying

Like real-life Stealth Fighter pilots, NES fighter pilots are a special breed, and you should be a card-carrying member of that select group if you climb into the cockpit of this game. The opposition is tough, the graphics aren't. Fly a Stealth Fighter? Okay, but this first-person flight sim could be any other NES combat aircraft. With Stealth Fighter, it's best not to have a fear of 8-bit flying.

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