a game by Sega, and Activision
  • Sega GenesisGenesis
  • Sega Master SystemSega Master System
  • Action
  • Shooting Games
  • Platformer

A major quake has rocked the city letting loose scads of ghosts and other creepy spooks! Now they're roaming the city, taking over buildings, and terrorizing the populace. But hey, if you're a Ghostbuster that's great news! Your phone's ringing off the hook! Who they gonna' call? You, of course!

A Spirited Revival

Pick your favorite Ghostbuster -- Peter, Raymond, or Egon, grab your nuclear accelerator pack, and hop into the Ectoplasmicmobile. You've been hired to clean up the city, so get ready to bust some ghosts. Each building is overrun with spooky specters, flying objects, and supernatural spirits galore. To clear a building you'll have to search it and capture the spooks. You won't have much trouble fending off the smaller ghosts, but watch out for the mid-size and big ghosts in each building. You've got to defeat them and then slap them into your trusty trap.


  • When you fight most middle-sized and large ghosts, shoot their heads -- usually their most vulnerable spot.
  • Defeat the medium ghosts, catch them in your photon ray and move them over the ghost trap. For extra traction, tap on the fire button while they're at the end of the beam.

When you beat a building's big ghost, he gives you a part of a stone tablet that holds a clue to the mystery of all these ghostly happenings. Once you've cleaned out the ghosts, your client pays you handsomely! Use your cash to purchase special ghost busting equipment in the item and weapons shop. Then, return to headquarters for your next assignment!

You Ain't 'Fraid of No Ghosts

Your assignments range from hard to downright impossible! A sweet little old lady finds her Home Sweet Home haunted by a pesky poltergeist. Tables and silverware fly around the room and chandeliers drop on unsuspecting passersby. Watch out for the tablecloth ghost who tries to smother you and a nasty shell ball ghost who throws his scales at you. Be sure to crack open the safes you find throughout the house. You might find cash -- or bombs-inside!

When you're in the Select Mode, use your building scanner to see what rooms you've already been to and which ones you still need to visit.

Another client wakes up to find the inside of his Apartment has become a deep freeze! Slip and slide across the ice while you dodge green slimmer ghosts, a flying lady spirit, and a two-faced Snow Man who shoots at you with a carrot nose! The Woody House is some hot spot! Flames spurt out of small, indestructible blue flame ghosts and the giant dragon who breathes fire.

The Bubble Projectile is a good weapon to use against enemies that are hard to kill with regular shots.

Climb into a High Rise that's literally crawling with spooks, including worm-monsters and a creepy snake-like eye ball creature. Your old friend, the Stay Puft Man, is no marshmallow here! Once you've collected all of the pieces of the tablet, journey to the Castle to rescue your ghost busting buddies. Inside, you'll face the ultimate supernatural challenge -- but you'll make it!

It's A Scream

Ghostbusters captures the fun of the original movie and turns it into great video game action. Now go bust some ghosts, and try not to get slimed!

Ghostbusters Downloads

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  • Levels: 5
  • Theme: Action
  • Players: 1
  • Difficulty: Easy

Who ya gonna call? Why the chaps at Sega who invented this cart. Run through many different buildings trying to capture the renegade ghosts while trying to solve the mystery of a tablet.

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