Incredible Crash Dummies

a game by Gray Matter, Acclaim, LJN, Software Creations, and Software Creations Ltd.

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisSNESSNESNESNESSega Master SystemSega Master SystemGameGear

Genres: Action, Arcade Classics, Educational/Kids, Platformer

Incredible Crash Dummies

Automobile-impact testing tools, safe- driving TV commercial stars, toy figurines, and cultural icons...not a bad track record for a bunch of Dummies. In fact, The Incredible Crash Dummies is not bad for a Genesis video game.

This zany, side-view action/ adventure game makes you the Crash Dummy, Slick. You're on a mission to save the synthetic hide of Dr. Zub, who's been Dummy-napped by the villainous Junkman and his Junkbot gang. You must find Zub before Junkman can squeeze the plans for the TORS09000 Super Dummy body out of him!


  • The forward roll gets you past tight squeezes. Press Left or Right to run, then hit Down.
  • The sounds are a dead giveaway to nearby foes.

You Ain't Got No Body

The frenetic fighting action here is straight hop-n-bop, and the hoppin' plays off the key characteristic of the Crash Dummy toys -- detachable limbs. You got it! It literally costs you an arm and a leg every time you get hit by a bad guy! If you aren't careful, you'll wind up as a tumbling torso. Don't worry, you can still hurl a mean Wrench at the Junkbots, and Screwdriver power-ups restore your appendages.

Crash Dummies' challenge won't make your ego crash and burn, but intermediate action buffs will get a good workout. The game's four Zones consist of four to five Dummy- dangerous stages, each of which has a hard-to-find exit and a time limit.

  • You can destroy bad guys and most traps by hopping on them.
  • If you have the time, you can outrun most moving Dummy destroyers, such as tires. Reverse direction and run away until they disappear off-screen.

In general, the controls do a good job of enabling you to handle the action. However, precision play is necessary, since the Dummies slip and slide whenever they leap.

Looks Like a Dummy

The smart-looking graphics do the Dummies justice, but the sprites definitely lack personality. Turning down the game's volume is no loss. Its sound effects are cute, but not cutting edge.

Do It for the Dummies!

The Incredible Crash Dummies is a creditable game. Dummy fans will want this game for their collections, but kids will face a fairly tough fight. If these merry manikins turn you on, don't be a dummy, be a Dummy.

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Safety starts at home, so UN's peeled the Crash Dummies off the asphalt and slammed them in the middle of a neck-breaking NES game. Those two dummies of Driver's Ed fame, Slick and Spin, are after a diabolical Junkman who's snatched their pals (Spare Tire, Darryl, and Bumper). To save their buddies from the scrap heap, Slick and Spin team up for a simultaneous two- player action/adventure game, or Spin can go solo on his unicycle.

Safety First

You have plenty of chances to crash and still make it through the game's four side- scrolling levels, which include a roll through a Test Center, a Circus Fairground, a Dockyard, and a Junkyard. Here you'll come metal-to-metal with the trashiest of trash -- the Junkman. In each level, the Crash Dummies have to navigate through the area, gathering orange traffic cones and fighting off the Junkman's Junkbots.

Although you're armed with only an Exhaust Gun Can that temporarily stuns the 'bots, there's not much to the game play. The controls are simple. You've got four lives, giving you a total of 24 crash dummies to splinter. Beginning testers may be the only ones survival tough.

ProTip: Squirt all the Junkbots as they charge toward you. They don't stun easily, so shooting them from behind doesn't work.

Necessary Repairs

While you're searching for your missing dummy buddies, you may lose your head, or a few body parts. If you do lose your head, literally, you might as well start over, because your controls get turned around. You can also grab tools and spare parts between smash-ups. Spare Hands boost your health, Oil Cans strengthen your Exhaust Gun Can weapon, Steering Wheels give you temporary invincibility, Rockets speed up your dummy, Balloons help you jump further, Arms knock enemy bots out of your way, and Cones give you points. If you rack up enough points, you get a 1-up.

  • Don't pick up the first Rocket you see in the Test Center. It makes you completely out of control and you won't be able to steer through the rest of the level.
  • When you're riding on the upper floors in the Test Center, you'll see extra heads in the gaps. They look inviting, but don't go for them. If you do, you'll have to return to the lower floors.

The graphics in this game won't pass any crash tests. They're dark and average. Some of the sprites even fade in and out. As for the sound, it's unobtrusive and keeps you walking or rolling along.

  • Stand on the air vent to ride the bubbles up to platforms and ledges. The bubbles cany you as they float upward.
  • If you're having trouble getting through a section, face backwards. The Junkbots catapult you forward to where you want to go, but you'll lose a life.

License Renewal?

Crash Dummies is an average game for average players. Although mildly entertaining, you won't crash into your TV to play it. The Crash Dummies are more entertaining in Driver's Ed movies.

reggie posted a review
  • Genesis
  • Action

Play as one of the lovable crash dummies. These breakable numbskulls are in their own Genesis cart where they must keep themselves together.

Play through a number of testing sites, where obstacles threaten to break pieces of you off part by part. Make it to the circular exit at the end, and prepare yourself for more fun.

Your attacks vary, depending upon your form. Your mobility will decrease every time you are hit. Ouch!

The Crash Dummies keep reminding us to buckle up, and show us why to do so. The Incredible Crash Dummies is a lot of fun. Getting from zone to zone will test all your skills. If you are interested in breaking into pieces, this game is for you.

reggie posted a review

Oh boy! More Crash dummies! Maybe it's just me but this whole idea isn't very appealing! This is very close to the Super NES version, with the typical hits that dismember your player. Just love it when he ducks!

reggie posted a review

Remember that scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where a Knight loses his limbs in a hilariously gruesome duel? Apply that theme to a hop-n-bop video game, and you've got The Incredible Crash Dummies.

ProTip: Jump on Parking Lot Lampposts to grab items.

You play as a Crash Dummy, helping Dr. Zub against the evil Junkman. The game is a mindless test of reflexes as you dodge traffic and falling objects. Your only assets are the abilities to run, bounce on objects to blow them up, and throw tools. As you sustain damage, you lose limbs until you're just crawling along as a head and a torso. The torso action is funny at first, but the novelty soon wears off. The graphics are probably too cartoony for older gamers, and the simple sound effects are basically variations on "Beep!" and "Boing!" Younger gamers might enjoy a Crash Test with the Crash Dummies.

reggie posted a review
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