Mecarobot Golf

a game by Toho

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Sports

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One question conies to mind after playing Mecarobot Golf: What's the deal with Mecarobot Eagle, the golfing robot you compete against? Eagle's a pretty cool guy and all, but his metallic presence is not necessary, and he doesn't have any special powers that an ordinary PGA Tour pro doesn't have. Mecarobot Golf stands on its own as a realistic, entertaining golf game even without the robot gimmick.

ProTip: Eagle is a great putter, but not a great driver. To beat him, be aggressive off the tee.

Mecarobot gives you a variety of playing options. There are three modes to choose from -- Competition, Lesson, and Driving Range. Lesson and Driving Range offer you a chance to improve your skills and master the responsive controls. When you think you're ready, take on the Eagle himself in Competition Mode. Although there's no Tournament Mode, you can create your own golfers and watch them progress from duffers to semipros.

  • Practice on the Driving Range. It's the best way to increase the distance on your shots.
  • During the fall and winter months, the greens arc a little slower, so adjust your putts accordingly.

Despite the robot golfer, Mecarobot is realistic. For instance, the all-season course changes texture when the winter rains come. While the graphics for Mecarobot are not the sharpest and most realistic you'll ever see, the designers compensate with smooth-scrolling action. After you hit a shot from a behind-the-robot perspective, you get a forward-scrolling close-up as your ball whizzes past trees, sand traps, and water hazards. The scrolling adds a good-looking touch of realism and helps involve you in the game.

Mecarobot Golf might not be the prettiest game on the market, and its sounds are only average, but its strong control and fascinating scrolling effects are worth the price of its green fees.

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