Mighty Max

a game by Ocean
  • Sega GenesisGenesis
  • Action
  • Adventure/RPG
  • Educational/Kids
  • Platformer
  • Theme: Action

Look out, here comes Mighty Max. He's a young boy with some unusual talents. Mighty Max is a fun spirited action game where you jump and shoot your way through a number of colorful levels. Mighty Max is another cool action cart for the Super NES.

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This game was made by McDonalds, To get younger kids into the Elvis diet!, The aim of the game is to collect ingredients for a burger!, I think i should stop there before i get sued!, But they where not the only fast food company to advertise with games, Cool Spot for 7 up, Mr Wimpy for Wimpy burger, Chester the cheetah for Cheetah corn snack things? etc.

Andy posted a review

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