Monster in My Pocket

a game by Konami

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Platformer

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Ever wondered what it would be like to be a monster the size of a mouse? Konami's latest is a pint-sized game that shows you.

A freak volcanic eruption cut the monsters -- good and bad -- down to size and now they're stuck in the heart of Los Angeles. The good ghouls, led by the Vampire and the Monster, have stowed away in the jacket pocket of a teenager named Jack. Get it? Monster In My Pocket!

Based on the popular "Monster In My Pocket" toy line, this Konami action title with arcade-style gameplay pits one or two players against a clan of bad ghouls led by Warlock. The action is vertically and horizontally scrolling hack-n- slash with five stages, each with a boss, and a sixth stage where you battle each tiny boss terror one more time.

ProTip: In Two Player mode you're both onscreen at the same time. If one player runs out of lives he can always steal some from the other player by hitting Button A when all of his lives are gone.

Monster Mash

The action here is straight-up. The Vampire and the Monster each have their own unique hack-n-slash techniques, but if you find you need more help in a world of human-sized hazards you can grab Keys and Bolts. These puny items may not sound too threatening, but snagging them and hurling them at the other mini-monsters is your best defense.

Find a Key or a Bolt, it works much better than your regular attack!

House Party

You begin your adventure in Jack's house as you hop down the staircase into the living room. In Stage One, Monster in my House, you'll face phantoms on the bookshelf and flying foes on the stairs.

  • To give yourself an extra boost, press Button A at the top of your jump.
  • Stage One's boss, Spring Heeled Jack, is no problem if you just slash his knives instead of dodging them.

Next, you run into Big Trouble in the Kitchen, Stage Two, where you'll face everything including the kitchen sink. Make it to the freezer and Bigfoot will try to freeze you and squeeze you.

In Stage Three, Crisis From Underground, you drop down a manhole into the sewer. Stay at least an arm's length from Boss Kraken's tentacles.

It's a Towering Catastrophe in Stage Four as you climb steel girders while avoiding the sliding attack of Red Cap and the Gremlin boss with his killer crane.

In Level Five's Oriental Illusion you forge through the bamboo forest and the barbed wire fence on your way to the palace. Medus, Stage Five's boss, will attempt to turn you into chop sue.

Stage Six is a rematch versus all the boss monsters you've already defeated. Beat them again and you're ready for the Last Battle at Monster Mountain against Warlock.

Good Things in a Small Package

Monster In My Pocket is more than just the NES companion to a popular toy product. Despite a fair amount of flicker when too many monsters do the mash on the screen at once, the graphics are solid, including some nice animation of the Vampire and the Monster. Gameplay is fairly simple, but this game is fun. If you're a tiny titan or you just have a monstrous bent, you might put this Monster in your pocket.

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Based on the well known toy, this action game has you shrunk down to the size of the toy itself! Search through your own home fending off enemy creatures.

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