Motor City Patrol

a game by Matchbox

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Adventure/RPG

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Crime is growing in the city. Hardened and dangerous criminals are running rampant. Robbers and speeders are all over the city and it seems like nothing will stop them from breaking the law. It's time to call in the Motor City Patrol. Get in your squad car and hit the streets because you have got a quota to meet. Stop the speeders from causing havoc all over the city. Pull them over and get points to meet your quota. The criminals are driving red cars, so be sure to turn on your siren and pull them over before they escape the city. The more criminals that escape, the more demerits you will get and the more chance you have of getting fired!

Patrol the city and search for lawbreakers. Each day you will have a quota that you will have to meet. If you catch a large number of criminals, you will get credits that will allow you to make enhancements to your police car.

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