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With the World Cup coming to the U.S. next summer, it seems fitting that a soccer game named after one of the only players recognizable in America would finally appear. While the game doesn't quite live up to the reputation of its namesake, tons of options and good special effects make this a pretty cool game.

Pele Play

Pele scores with a lot of options. There are four ways to play Pele. You can have Exhibition matches between 40 teams. Or, you can play in a 16-team Tournament or a 40-game Season. The best playing mode of all is Practice, something all soccer games should (but don't) have. The Practice mode gives you a chance to perfect your on-field moves without having to lose a match.

ProTip: The zebras make too many calls, so turn off the Foul option and let the play get physical.

You'll need practice, because the controls aren't strong enough. The players respond sluggishly, which is not what you expect from a 16-meg Genesis game.

  • Dribble the ball to one side of the penalty box and then press either Button A or Button C to center the ball in the middle of the field. This sets up a perfect header for a goal.
  • Since you can change formations at anytime, pick the best formations that suit the situation. Pele himself will give helpful hints on what formation to choose.

The game play has two other minor problems: the fouls and the clock. The zebras call the games closely, which severely cuts into the excitement. Also, you can't see the clock, so you don't know exactly how much time is left.

The Sounds and Sights of Soccer

The graphics for Pele are above average, but they're nothing to write home about. The players are large enough to identify easily, and at least you can always tell which player has the ball, which you can't always tell in other games.

The crowd noise is pretty cool, too. When a team scores a goal, the throng goes crazy and sounds a lot like those boisterous stadiums you hear in Europe and South America.

The graphics and sounds help compensate for what is at times frustrating, penalty-filled game play. Combine the technical effects with all the team options, and there's enough here to keep any aspiring soccer player entertained for hours.

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