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Platform: NESNES

Genre: Arcade Classics

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  • Theme: Action

Popeye the sailor man is back in video games with two new adventures by American Technos. Both versions are Mario-type games with lots of hidden secrets and special features.

The Genesis version will be a whopping 16-Meg and will have eight huge levels in which you must search for Olive Oyl. Two players can take part, and you have a choice of being Popeye, Brutus or Whimpy.

The Super NES version will be 8-Meg and of similar game content.

The classic Popeye cartoons will come alive with these action-packed carts. It's more fun than swallowing a can of spinach!

Super NES

Two versions of Popeye will be coming out. One for the Super Nintendo and one for the Sega Genesis. Which one is better?

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