Skate or Die 2

  • Manufacturer: JCapcom
  • Machine: Super NES

Question: I read in another magazine (yes, it's true) how to gain the Heaven Crest and become the Ultimate Gargoyle. First, find all the Urns, Vellums, Talismans, and Vitality Points, plus all the pieces of the Fire Crest and all the other crests (Earth, Air, Water, and Time). Then, defeat Phalanx. Afterwards, it gives you the ultimate password which lets you play through the game with the Heaven Crest and makes you face the Dark Demon as a final boss.

There's only one problem - I can't find the last Vitality Point! Here are the ones I've found already, this may take a while.

Stage I: When you beat Somulo, when you beat Hippogriff, behind those blocks when you travel up to the cliff.

Stage II: Hidden in the rocks on the path to Belth (break with Earth Crest); when you beat Belth; behind the blocks on the path to beat Ovnunu.

Stage III: In the sky after you re-enter the Flame Lord's area; underwater through the door behind the blocks; and after you beat Scula.

Stage IV: None (is this where the last one is hidden?).

Stage V: In the secret water area; after beating Holothurion; inside one of the statues on the may way to fighting Crawler; back up where Crawler falls down from.

Stage VI: Behind the left ice door on the path to fight Arma the last time.

Sanctuary: Headbutt the bell at the top of the first tower.

Answer: Yeah, you found 'em all except for one, and it's a kicker. It's gained by beating the third level skull-cracking game in one of Trio the Pago's 'hidden' gaming shops. As for the game's real ending, the 'Other Magazine' didn't get it exactly right - if you can find all the stuff, after defeating Phalanx, there's a long, long ending sequence. Once the sequence is over, you get the Ultimate password, but when you're sent back to the Realm, in the north east corner of the map is a new area to explore, and now you face the Dark Demon. Better stock up on Ginseng potions, that's all I can say.

And while we're on the subject, I'll go ahead and clear a few more letters off my desk by giving out the locations of all five of the Talismans as well. Happy hunting, my little demons...

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One day you're riding your skateboard and tearin' up the concrete as usual when you cross wheels with that bogus dude, Icepick. He's a pain, and he's ugly, too. Unfortunately, a wimpy poodle saunters into your path -- Splat! You're really sorry, but the pulverized pooch belongs to the mayor's wife. Now, the spineless mayor bans skating and plows your cool half-pipe ramp under. Most inauspicious!

It's Skate or Die 2, skate the first NES game from games powerhouse Electronic Arts. Unlike Skate or Die, S or D 2 doesn't focus on the pure thrills of skateboarding. This one-player sequel is four parts adventure and one part skating, but it still takes fancy thumb-pumping to beat the game. The aggro horizontally-scrolling action is strictly shoot, scoot, and grab the loot. But for hardcore skaters, there's a monster double ramp, where you pull awesome airborne stunts in a hot freestyle competition.

Sidewalk Shreddin'

Your adventure begins on the Street where you cruise crowded concrete, plumb the sewers, and explore warehouses to load up on goodies you can trade for better boards and moves. Fuzzheads, Deviants, Pitbulls, and Punchy Gators are among the foes you pop with your non-lethal Paint Gun, Eggs, and M-80 Cherry Bombs.


  • The M-80s are best against Punchy Gators.
  • When traffic gets intense, duck into some place and everybody (or thing) disappears when you come back out. On Level 1 its sewers and buildings. On Level 2 it's any store.
  • Get the Rocket board before you leave Level 1. It's the best all-around slab.

Next, hustle down to the mall where you weave through Zombie Shoppers and Skate Bums to make on-time deliveries so you can earn money for a new ramp.

The Mall has three relatively sate "lanes" you can ride. The first is at the bottom of the screen. The second is in the middle of the screen across the planters. The third (the quickest, hut the trickiest) is along the front of the stores.

Alright! You got the bucks! But the 16-page ramp blueprints just blew out the window. Speed along a gnarly boardwalk to pick up the pages, but watch out for Skater Girls!

You can hear the Level 3 Mad Bulls coming. The Duck's an excellent fowl move here.

All you need now is a building permit. Your friend, CJ, gets the paper, but Icepick gets her. Jam to a multi-level warehouse where you gotta' dodge Icepick's goons, nab the permit, and free CJ.

The Duck Shoot is a great Level 4 move, but you can't buy it there.

Double Trouble

Finally, ride Double Trouble, where intense ramp rollers can really turn it on with lip moves, Hand Plant Inverts, Axle Grinds, and Railslides. But if ramps are your thing, you can jump to DT from the opening screen.

Skate Now!

You don't have to be a die-hard sidewalk surfer to get into S or D 2, but nimble-fingered skaters will enjoy busting radical moves in "real-life" situations. The overall gameplay's less diverse than the original, but you need to put on your thinking cap a little more often.

Looking for adventure, video wheelheads? Check out Skate or Die 2, there's a whole lotta' skatin' goin' on!

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