Sports Trivia Championship Edition

a game by Freestyle

Platform: GameGear

Genre: Board Games

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Average graphics, feeble sounds, ordinary controls - this game's a dog, right? Wrong you are, Sparky! Sports Trivia is surprisingly engaging with enough questions and football strategy to take trivia buffs into overtime.

Sega Sports has taken familiar sports trivia questions and made a football game out of them: You answer questions to move the football on the field.

The control is simplistic because you don't guide players -you answer questions, then watch the results. The gridiron graphics and sounds are also simplistic.

Still, the eight categories of questions and the vast number of questions keep things moving. Sports Trivia scores a touchdown for quiz fans.


  • Crank up the challenge by changing Audibles to 0 and Difficulty to Hard.
  • The dock is always running, so call a Time Out to rethink your strategy.

Sports Trivia Championship Edition Downloads

Sports Trivia Championship Edition download

Hey, Mr. Know-it-all, think you're good? Trivia buffs and sports fanatics alike should enjoy Sega's latest Game Gear title. Sports Trivia Championship Edition takes a unique angle by having you answer some puzzling football questions. This all happens with a football game as the backdrop. When you guess correctly, your team gains yardage. Answer wrong, and you might fumble, lose yardage or just plain look bad.

Best yet, Sports Trivia Championship Edition is portable. You'd never expect a game like this on the Game Gear, but here it is!

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