Super Punch Out!!

a game by Nintendo

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Sports

Super Punch Out!!

Question: What do George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Roberto Duran, and Punch-Out have in common? Answer: They're all former boxing champs who have come out of retirement to answer the bell one more time. Super Punch-Out, however, is the only one to maintain championship form.

Let's Get Rrrready To Rrrrumble!

If you punched out Punch-Out in the arcades or on the NES, stop reading and just go buy this SNES game! You'll have a blast trading blows and yuks with 16 of Palookaville's finest. Some punch-drunk pugs, such as Bald Bull and Bear Hugger, mount comebacks from earlier versions of the game, and new fighters toss some pretty mean fisticuffs in the ring. According to the Nintendo Video Boxing Association Rules, there are no illegal moves or punches.

ProTip: Gabby has a weak head but counter-punches continuous head blows.

Boxing Basics

Punch-Out's game play is as basic as a black eye. You toss punches from a behind-the-fighter view. Your bright-eyed, bushy-tailed character fades into outline form once the action begins, so you can see all your opponent's attacks... even if you can't stop 'em all.

  • If you beat Dragon Chan's Dying kick, he'll try to nail you with standing kicks.
  • Masked Muscle can be hit just before he headbutts you.

At least the crisp controls give you more than a fighting chance. Your standard arsenal consists of left and right body blows and jabs. You can also dodge left and right, duck, and block high. If you score enough blows without being hit, you build power for four Knock Out Punches -- Uppercut, Rapid Uppercut, Hook, and Rapid Hook.

  • Your Super Punch is slow, so time it carefully when you're ready to use it.
  • Word balloons by your opponent's comer man give away his strategy.

If there's a flaw in Punch- Out's features arsenal, it's the lack of an easy-to-use two- player mode. It's a nit-picky call, but it deserves points off the judge's score card for style. Two players can take turns fighting by saving their individual records. However, they each have to reset the game and access their records to do so.

Heavy Challenge

This fun and funny game puts up a deceptive challenge. Reaching the final fights is serious finger-blistering fare. Victory moves you through four circuits -- Minor, Major, World, and Special -- where the opponents get progressively tougher. Intermediate boxers will meet their matches halfway through Major.

  • Piston Hurricane succumbs to body blows, but he'll toss a blinding flurry of punches if you can't drop him quickly.
  • Send Bob Charlie flying with a Knock Out Punch as he spins in with his whirling punch.

Top-Ranked Graphics

Punch-Out's graphics are simple, but they're knockouts just the same. The goofy characters stand tall as super-clean sprites, and the slick animation displays hilarious looks, particularly when someone lands a punch.

The sounds go the distance. Crowd noises and the whack of landed blows juice the game's intensity level. The music, however, calls for a standing eight-count.

Punch In with Punch-Out

This solid, tongue-in-cheek boxing game's a surefire winner. In fact, Don King's probably trying to figure out how to climb into this SNES ring. Punch-Out is super!

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  • Manufacturer: Heike

Hope you're in shape, kid, because we've got plenty of work ahead of us this month. What, you don't remember me? I think you've taken too many shots to the head - I'm your manager and cornerman. I'm the one whose sage wisdom last month got you to this point, remember? I've been scouting the guys in the World Circuit and they look pretty tough, but I think you've got what it takes, kid. If you behave, I'm gonna give you a few hints for the Special Circuit, too.

reggie posted a review
  • Machine: SNES
  • Manufacturer: Nintendo.

This sequel to the amazingly popular Punch Out has some new characters, but it's the large, colorful characters and easy controls that make this game a winner. So grab this game and head for the gym!

reggie posted a review
  • Machine: SNES.
  • Manufacturer: by Nintendo.

Hey kid, wake up! That was quite a punch you took in there - you've been out for six hours. If you ever expect to win, you need to drop that joke-for-a-strategy you're using.

Listen to my advice and you're gonna go straight to the top! With me in your corner you've got the tips and insights needed to leave these chumps in the dust. Take it from me kid - you and I, we're going places.

reggie posted a review
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