Super Shinobi 2

a game by Sega

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Platformer

A spiffed-up 16-Bit sequel to the original Ninja hero! This new Shinobi features power-ups like the flame wall and fireball attack, backgrounds that are absolute dynamite, and Boss characters that range from Ninja Warriors to Dinosaurs! Very hot!

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Four precious crystals are scattered throughout the world and you must retrieve them with the help of a band of ninja masters.

You can start from any level except the last one. Only after all of the crystals have been recovered from the other levels will you be able to enter the enemy base. Trying to get there will be tough because a slew of evil ninja warriors are poised to attack as you progress in your mission. But you and your ninja buds are prepared to take them on with some awesome magic skills which will make life for the enemy very difficult.

Fans of the Shinobi series will not be disappointed as the game plays great with cool graphics and huge bosses that require a little technique and patience to beat. Mash focus!

reggie posted a review

The infamous cloaked warrior, Joe Musashi, is back for his second portable adventure!

This time our hero must take on the Silent Fury, a gang of ninjas who have stolen the four sacred crystals.

In each of the stages, you must retrieve the various crystals from the factory, building, castle, and the canyon. Afterwards, you must face the Silent Fury in the mysterious fifth stage!

Joe hasn't rested since his last adventure! He has brushed up on his sword and magic spells. One new spell gives him the ability to teleport back to the beginning of a stage again!

Shinobi's portable adventure takes off to new heights!

reggie posted a review
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