Tecmo Super Hockey

a game by Tecmo

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Sports

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  • Manufacturer: Tecmo Inc.
  • Machine: Genesis

While most hockey games use a vertical approach to portraying the rink, this one gives it a go with the horizontal viewpoint. This makes the players kinda small. Think of this as an arcade game and you'll be fine, but a hockey sim it isn't!

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  • Manufacturer: Tecmo

What do the games Brett Hull'95, NHL'95, and NHL All-Star Hockey'95 have in common? All three are Genesis hockey games, and oddly enough all three have a vertical perspective. So are horizontally oriented hockey games a thing of the past? Tecmo Super Hockey lot Genesis would answer, "No".

The drawback of a horizontal perspective is the necessary reduction of player size to show a large enough portion of the ice surface. Although the sprites in Tecmo are relatively small you get a great overall look at the rink, and player size becomes obvious only during fights. As with other Tecmo products, the game play and controls are simple yet detailed enough to keep gamers interested. The game's menus are easy to move through and offer Preseason, Season, and All-Star game modes as well as features like player and league statistics.

All 26 NHL cities are represented - there's no NHL license, so no official logos or nicknames - and each team is stocked with its real-life players thanks to an NHLPA license. There is also an all-star team for each conference. On the ice, simple passing and shooting controls make moving the puck easier than playing defense, but beating the opposing goaltender is still a challenge. The game is wide open offensively and whenever a goaltender doesn't allow a rebound of a shot, he covers the puck. This results in a lot of play stoppages and cuts down on the flow of the game.

Tecmo Super Hockey isn't a hockey simulation. It can best be described as an arcade-style cartridge with hints of a sim. Its pick-up-and-play quality and fast action make it entertaining, but its lack of variety might cause you to grow tired of it after a short while.

  • Graphics: 6
  • Gameplay: 8
  • Innovation: 8
  • Music & Sound FX: 7
  • Replay Value: 7
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From the company that brought you the popular Tecmo Super Bowl comes a new title for fans of the world's fastest sport. Grab a stick, strap on some skates, lace up your gloves, and get ready for some decent NHL action.

Delayed Penalty

At first look, TSH's many options show some potential. In one- or two-player action, you can play a preseason or regular game filled with penalties and vicious fights. The ambitious can tackle a full season with up-to-date standings, real NHL players, and stats in eight categories. Play an All-Star game or enter the playoffs, and you might just get to kiss the cup!

ProTip: One-timers and pass shots are the most effective ways to score. Since the goalie moves up and down, it's easy to aim away from him.

This checkfest supplies many control features, but unfortunately, they don't respond well to the button presses. As in most hockey games, you can head up the ice with a speed burst, drop a pass into the slot, and deke the goalie with a fake slapper. But this and other scoring moves, such as slapshots and one-timers, aren't as fast or as smooth as they are in other top hockey games.

Watch Every Punch

TSH's graphics are highlighted by large, clear sprites, especially when a fight scene occurs. Brief animated clips randomly appear during a game to add excitement. Also, when you take control of a new player, his name appears on the bottom of the screen, which eliminates any confusion and helps you with strategies.

Although the sound effects are nothing spectacular, they contain all the elements of a hockey game. Sounds like crowd noise, punches, and board crashing are all here. And even though you'd prefer not to hear the refs whistle, it's always there to keep you in line.

  • The Team Data mode is an important feature. Use it when constructing your lines.
  • There are three effective ways to win a face off. Learn them to counter the opponent's choice.
  • Beware of too many poke checks -- the more that you attempt, the more likely you are to be called for roughing.

Check Line

Geared for true Tecmo sports fans, this simplistic game probably won't satisfy serious gamers.

With many other hockey titles available for the Genesis, this game is not the top choice for a true fan. If you store is out of NHL '95 or Brett Hull Hockey, however, you might want to give this game or a chance.

When controlling your goalie, you don't have a wide range of moves to choose from. Just try to stay in front of the puck.

reggie posted a review
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