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Platform: NESNES

Genre: Puzzles & Words

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Ever matched your wits against a one-eyed caveman? Chances are you haven't, but, then again, there's a first time for everything. In Acclaim's new two-person, maze-action game, Trog, you play either Spike or Bloop, dinosaurs trying to avoid becoming a steak dinner for the ravenous, meat-hungry caveman, Trog. While Trog chases you across a multitude of islands, you must avoid his snap-happy jaws and collect a variety of colored eggs -- the key to completing the level. And that's just the half of it! As the game progresses Trog discovers the wonders of items such as the wheel and fire, which make him twice as dangerous.

How do you fight back? Seek out a juicy pineapple and gobble it up, then before you know it you're a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex with an appetite for Trogs! Based on the popular arcade game of the same name, the 8-bit version features the same unique Claymation-style graphics and great game-play. This is one crazy mixed up game of prehistoric cat and mouse.

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Acclaim has grabbed the rights to the humorous maze/chase arcade game of last year. In this, you are a cute dinosaur and must gather the eggs on the screen while avoiding the one eyed cavemen who are patrolling the same area.

Turn into a Tyrannosaurus Rex and chase the cavemen for a short time!

reggie posted a review

Great head-to-head action!

Leaping its way from the arcades and into your home on the NES is Trog, the primordial caveman-crunching maze game! You control Spike and Bloop, two dinosaurs who must maneuver through an island maze filled with eggs, obstacles and Trogs who are looking for roasted dino! It's your job to avoid the dangers, like tar pits and holes, as well as the Trogs, to gather all the eggs and exit the island intact! Grab a pineapple and the tables are turned as your timid little dinosaur becomes a monstrous, man-eating Tyrannasaur out for some tasty Trog tidbits and a higher score! Explore 51 Trog-infested levels, and watch as Trog learns new ways to catch his meal - you! Other power ups and secret warps round out this easy to learn but highly addictive video game hit!

Master tip #753

The key to getting a huge score lies in grabbing the pineapple every time it appears!

reggie posted a review

The cute arcade game of the same name is being translated for play on the NES. Avoid the cavemen as you progress through the maze on the screen. Fun for players of all ages.

reggie posted a review
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