World Class Track Meet

a game by Nintendo

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Sports

See also: World Class Games

This is a Nintendo video game designed by Bandai and published by Nintendo of America Inc. It was released in 1988 for use with the Power Pad, feature of the NES.

In this track and field game up to six players can take part, but maximum two of them can play together on the pad at the same time.

World Class Track Meet game offers such events as 100m dash, long jump, 110m hurdles and the triple jump. You move on to a faster opponent as soon as the player beats the computer in the single player mode. The game opponents, from slowest to fastest, are: Turtle, Bear, Horse, Rabbit, Bobcat and Cheetah. For each opponent you defeat, you get a medal or a trophy. Therefore, for the harder opponent you, get better reward.

There is also the Olympics event, in which 1-6 players can take part. Here you will do all four - 100m dash, long jump, 110m hurdles and the triple jump - events in a row. At the end, the computer shows the total score.

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