World Cup USA 94

a game by Tiertex, and U.S. Gold

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisSNESSNESGameGear

Genre: Sports

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World Cup USA 94
  • Machine: SNES
  • Manufacturer: U.S. Gold

This is packed with options and tries to adapt itself to a variety of skill levels. The most important part of the game - the actual game play - unfortunately takes a back seat to bells and whistles.

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World Cup USA 94 Downloads

Sega Genesis World Cup USA 94 download
  • Manufacturer: U.S. BOLD
  • # of players: 1 OR 2
  • Difficulty: MODERATE
  • Available: JUNE 1994
  • Theme: SOCCER

Have you ever dreamed of playing in the World Cup? Have you ever wished you could be right there in the middle of the action? Now you can do all of these things without ever leaving your house, because U.S. Gold is giving you the chance to play in this action-packed soccer game. There are dozens of different options for you to customize in this unique soccer cart. Players have a wide variety of moves they can perform on the field. There are lots of different ways to kick and even headbutt the ball into your opponents' goal.

reggie posted a review

With the World Cup taking over U.S. stadiums this summer, it seems like every video game company is releasing its own version of this international event. U.S. Gold contributes the above- average World Cup USA '94 for the Super NES. This game has an amazing range of options, good controls, and great sound, but its graphics miss wide of the goal.

Soccer players and avid fans will appreciate World Cup's many options, including the ability to select from eight languages and to create your own individual set plays and formations. You play a full 32-team tournament, a 16-team customized tourney, or exhibitions. Your 32 international teams' performances are based on their real- life counterparts (the U.S. is one of the weakest teams, of course). There's a lot to choose from, but casual fans might be overwhelmed by all these options and teams.

ProTip: Use your directional pad to curve the ball while it's in the air. Bending shots will make them more difficult to save.

In Control

The controls are solid. The players are quick and responsive, you can control the goalie, and you can adjust the path of the ball in mid-flight. Younger players will be able to play without having to deal with the more complex moves, though they may be frustrated by the game's frantic pace.

  • On defense, press Button Y to knock an offensive player off the ball. Don't use this move too much, or the zebras will issue a Yellow card.
  • Agree to the offside rule. If you don't, the computer will have its best strikers around the goal at all times for easy shots.

The sound is also topnotch. The crowd noise has an international flavor to it, and there's no mindless soundtrack to turn off. The major problems with World Cup USA '94 involve the graphics. Your overhead view makes the players appear short and dumpy. Also, the game sometimes looks out of focus.

Get Your Kicks

If you love soccer strategy and don't mind the too-cute mascot and the cartoony graphics, you'll really run with the detailed options in World Cup USA '94. If you're not a soccer fan, though, the unrealistic graphics will probably trip you up.

reggie posted a review

As the World Cup kicks around the country, U.S. Gold is flooding the Nintendo and Sega systems with soccer games. World Cup '94 for the Genesis is a good effort: It has tons of options (perhaps too many for some players) and superior sound, but ultimately it's not that much fun.

Yellow Card

Two nagging problems lower this game's FunFactor. First off, the main menu uses icons instead of words, making the many options hard to understand. And there are options aplenty, everything from the customized length of tourneys to the language. Young players might be overwhelmed by the choices and puzzled by the icons. The officials will also cause serious complaints. Zebras should be seen, not heard, but these officials continually stop the game for minor infractions.

The controls are solid. The players are quick and responsive, and you can adjust the flight of the ball in midair. Even on the slowest setting, however, World Cup '94 moves at a pace only Pele could keep up with. It's fast, but it's not truly involving.


  • Pass the hall from one side of the penalty box to the other for a good scoring opportunity. Even the quickest goalies won't be able to keep up with the ball.
  • Use your directional pad to curve the ball in the air after a shot. Bending your shots will make them almost unblockable.
  • Say yes to the offside rule. If you don't, the computer will sandbag its best scorers around you for easy shots.

The sounds, especially the international crowd noises, are better than the graphics. Dragged down by small player sprites, the graphics are average at best.

Missed Shot

If you're a soccer strategist and you want to play around with subtle changes in the game, you'll appreciate World Cup's many options. Unfortunately, if you're looking for an intense game with unbelievable action, you'll have to look elsewhere

reggie posted a review
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