Action in New York

a game by Infogrames

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Multiplayer/Hotseat

This game was released in 1990 by Natsume. It is also known as Final Mission or Special Cybernetic Attack Team. In this shooter you are supposed to clean up the Big Apple from fish-like invaders from outer space led by Vile Malmort. Your character is special agent with jetpack which allows him to fly and orbital cannon which allows him to shoot in all directions. It is either man (blue) or woman (red). You can collect power-ups to increase your speed and health. Also different types of weapon are available.

The screen scrolls horizontally and - sometimes - vertically rather fast, enormous number of enemies is enormous and win is practically unachievable. Don't forget you are in year 2029! You'll probably need finger implants from the future to complete this mission. It's better to play together.

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