Air Manager 2

a game by Koei

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genres: Strategy/War, Simulation

See also: Manager Games, Air Games

In this game you have the opportunity to sky rocket your airline. This is what makes this simulator original and inimitable.

The action of this game takes place in 21st century. The fight of competitors has become more acute so your task to control aero transportations market has become more difficult as well. To succeed, you will need to develop the airline as intensely as possible, taking advantage of the fast savings turnover in different areas of business. In comparison to the first game, the sequel has a bigger park of planes. You may choose which planes you like best out of 50 models, set up routes to 89 countries, invest money in the series of new services including Theme Parks, ski resorts and space industry

Another game name is Aerobiz Supersonic.

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