Theme Park

  • Manufacturer: Domark
  • Machine: Sega CD

Practice capitalism by taking advantage of entertainment craved citizens. Build your own Theme Park, paying attention to ticket prices, ride speeds, and concession food. Only the perfect combination will lead to a large chain of Theme Parks. When this disc comes in we'll let you know if it plays like Disney World or EuroDisney (eew!).

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Theme Park Downloads

Sega Genesis Theme Park download
  • Manufacturer: OCEAN

A Sim City spin-off, in which you can build your own Eurodisney, has made the jump from PC to the Jag. Build rides, midways, concession stands, and anything else associated with a theme park, then watch the tourists pay too much for everything. Future park planners and anyone who enjoys designing things are gonna love this game. The graphics and interface aren't as nice as the PC version, but should still be enjoyable.

reggie posted a review
  • Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
  • Machine: 3DO
  • Theme: Simulation

Have you ever wanted to build your own amusement park? If the answer is yes, then Electronic Arts has the game for you. Their new title is called Theme Park and it's similar to games like SimCity. You build your park, put up shops and set up the rides. Try to make your park appealing for the people, and watch the ticket sales grow. Build a loser, and you'll be out of business. Theme Park's rendered graphics make you feel as if you are really on the rides. You can go on any of the attractions. The roller coaster is especially awesome. If you've got a 3DO and lots of spare creativity, Theme Park will give you hours of fun.

reggie posted a review

Game design at its best.When the psx version was released barely any tweaks were made to sich a winning recipe!!! Tip for new players:Use the exit steps of rides as a direct route to either shops or a new ride and don't be over compact.

Tosh posted a review

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