Air Manager

Have you ever wanted to be president of a top airline! Air Manager - A Bet in the Sky puts you in the top position! You control everything from flight times, to air personnel, to revenues generated!

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It’s a fascinating economic simulator for those who got tired of constant shooting and just want to use the brains.

The market of aero transportations has been profitable for huge money investments. The creators of this game convincingly demonstrate this tendency, providing you with the opportunity to do aero business in different periods of aviation history, either in 1963-1995 or in 1983-2019. The start money is available right in the beginning (the amount is indicated in the right bottom corner of the screen) but the rival companies are present as well. Everything is similar to reality. Certainly, the best way to start will be to purchase airplanes. You have lots of options here: Boeings, TUs, ILs and even jet Concords.

Further on, you will need to choose the flight routes, the most important factor for success. So correct mapping and routing will bring you a lot of profit. Define the number of liners on the chart, the time table, the cost of tickets and go ahead... and three computer months later you will either get rich or broke.

Another name of the game Aerobiz.

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