Beethoven's 2nd

a game by Riedel Software Productions

Platform: SNESSNES

Genres: Action, Adventure/RPG

Beethoven was a great classical music composer. He's also Hollywood's latest canine star. Only this time, the creation isn't a masterpiece, it's a dog.

You play as that slobbering, smelly St. Bernard known as Beethoven. Your dogged mission is to rescue your entire family -- the mommy dog and all the puppies.

ProTip: In Level 1, Scene 2, carry Chubby to his mother to beat the level.

The controls in this mangy side-scroller need a flea dip. Your dog is slow, hard to turn, and frustrating. The constant object-jumping is repetitive, and often you can't help taking a hit. Stale graphics and poorly tuned music add little to the game.

This game has some cute, cuddly elements, and it's great for little kids, but the slow game play and the weak premise belong in the doghouse.

Shimmy to put out the barbecue.

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Beethoven's 2nd is a platform game where you get a chance to wear the metaphorical shoes of Beethoven - that lovable, big dog from the movie.

Your four puppies need to be rescued and brought back to their mom. You first need to find the puppy, avoiding dangers such as bad-tempered cats, mean dogcatchers, acorns which have a habit to drop down just when you pass underneath, and careless skateboarders. You can bark at these opponents to scare them away.

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