Gradius III

a game by Konami

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Shooting Games

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  • Type: Shoot
  • Available: September 1991
  • Levels: 11
  • Difficulty: Average

The Vic Viper is on the call once more! Another hot sequel created just for the Super Nintendo, Gradius 3 offers larger end bosses, longer levels, and more objects on screen at once! The Vic Viper itself is now equipped with even more types of weapons and power ups, like the ultra-powerful Megacrush!! Pound through 11 diehard levels to reach the final confrontation with the alien boss!

People say:


Gradius 3 uses the 16-Bit power of the Super NES by increasing the detail of the landscapes ard enemies (especially the Bosses which fill the screen), hype the stereo sound and incorporate some conventional play that is pocketed with flicker. This detracts, but the game remains good.


One of the better shooters for the new system. Though it slows down when the action gets intense the game does get better in the last two rounds. Great music when piped through a stereo. Definitely one of the games to buy when you get the system.


My favorite series of shooters has finally gone 16-Bit. Tne graphics are truly an upgrade to the NES versions and the music very cool. Tons of cool new weapons to use. The game lacks intensity and seems only to pick up in the later rounds. A very good shooter, but not the best.


Definitely, Gradius III is one of the best shooters to hit the shelves, and I recommend it to shooter fans, but I am sorely disappointed by the slowdown and flicker! Otherwise, the music is excellent and the graphics are great. Unfortunately, I always found myself reaching for Gaiares...

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The legend returns. This sequel to the greatest series of shooting games for the NES begins right where the others left off. This time the battle is even more insane. You must pilot your lone starship into the heart of the Bacterion Empire and destroy the evil Motherbrain. The odds aren't that bad though, because you have 25 different power-ups at your disposal. Gradius 3 is filled with shoot-em-up action from beginning to end. Huge end bosses that take up the entire screen await you at the end of each level. You must blast your way through 11 levels of pure action in order to save Gradius.

reggie posted a review

Prepare to jump head first into the Super NES danger zone in Gradius III, one of the premiere Super NES releases from Konami. In this ten-stage, two-field, multi-scrolling super shooter you man a mega high tech spacecraft through the depths of outer space. Why? To save Gradius and the other neighboring planets from the deadly Bacterion, of course. There are three levels of difficulty, so you can tailor the challenge to your skills. Customize your ship with a variety of super weapons (13 in all) by blasting open special blue and orange crystals, which whiz through the atmosphere. Space fighting takes on an entirely new dimension in Gradius III.

reggie posted a review
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