Greendog - The Beached Surfer Dude

a game by Sega

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Action

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You are a rude boy surfer dude named Greendog just out catching some surf. Then, a totally radical wave dumped you into the sand. Gnarly! Now you've got this totally excellent gold pendant hanging around your neck. Bummer, it won't come off! Babelicious Bambi, your bikini clad buddy, tells you that the pendant's there to stay until you find the lost Aztec treasure. What's more, dude, no more riding the waves until the treasure's found.

Surf's Up

Ya, mon! In this one-player, side-scrolling action/adventure game, you're gonna have to search six Caribbean islands (each with two areas) to find the six pieces of the missing Aztec treasure. Cool, cool, cool graphics and a hint of a Rastafari beat in the tunes give this game an island feeling. Jolly, mon!

Everyting es copasetic with game play that's kind of hop 'n' bop, but Greendog doesn't do the bop. On the different islands, you'll have to swing from vines, hop across rivers, explore caverns, skateboard around dangerous obstacles, and scuba dive in an aquarium. To travel between islands, you fly a pedal-copter.

  • Sometimes your path is blocked by a stone wall that's guarded by a monster- head statue. Toss your frisbee into the monster's mouth and the path will open. Watch for decoys.


Much respect, mon! All you've got to protect you is your flying disk. The pendant tells you where to go, but it also drives other living creatures bezerk-o when you go near 'em. On every island there's a hungry hoard of wacked-out creatures, like piranhas, crabs, starfish, and voodoo witch doctors.

But hey, dude, the gods are smiling on you. You'll uncover power-ups when you peg stone idols with your flying disk. For example, an Umbrella Cap gives you invincibility for a short time while you wear it. A Golden Frisbee spins into autopilot and automatically hits enemy characters. Even better, chow down on food power-ups, such as soft drinks and burgers, to restore your health.

  • To beat the wall of rotating stone heads at the end of the first island, use your flying disc and fire rapidly at the head shooting at you. Dodge their fire and knock them off one by one.

Jah Be Wit You, Mon!

Although each radical island's gorgeous and offers a mondo number of different challenges, some stages in Greendog are easy and seem more fun and comical than challenging. Other stages (like the Aquarium) present some unique situations, such as scuba diving, that give Greendog a cool twist.

  • In the Aquarium; if you get sucked up into a vacuum pile, you'll find yourself hack at the beginning of the stage. Wait until the vacuum turns off, then jump and shoot your flying disc at the same time. (Perfect timing is critical.) You can tell when the vacuum is switched off by watching the seaweed under the pipe.

What this light-hearted action/ adventure game has are superior graphics, cool character animation, original game play, and upbeat music that keeps you rockin'. Beginning and intermediate gamers will find enough challenge to keep them entertained. Advanced gamers will find the game's graphic and humor elements more entertaining than the obstacles. Check it out! You just might find yourself feelin' irie in a skankin' style!

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Greendog - The Beached Surfer Dude Downloads

Sega Genesis Greendog - The Beached Surfer Dude download
  • Manufacturer: Sega
  • Machine: Genesis
  • Difficulty: Average
  • Available: 1992
  • Number of levels: 12
  • Theme: Adventure

Surf's up?

Greendog was your ordinary blonde-haired, cream-of-the-crop surfer dude. Well, one day he caught a gnarly wave that turned out to be a little too much for him. Waking up headfirst in the sand, he realized that he was wearing a necklace with a pendant on it. He tried to remove it, but it would not come off. After a few hours, his girlfriend showed up and, to his surprise, knew what this pendant was all about.

It seems that this was an ancient Aztec pendant that was cursed when their sacred idol was broke into six pieces, and whoever wears it cannot take it off unless the idol pieces are put back together. One other downfall is that when that person comes near any animal, it will attack him. After hearing this, Greendog realizes that he also cannot surf (no way!) until this is removed. Luckily for him, the locations of the six pieces are shown on the back of the pendant. Greendog must now thoroughly search each of these locations to find the idol pieces, put it back together and surf happily ever after. Now, the time has come to pilot, maneuver, steer or do whatever is needed to put Greendog back on his board again!

reggie posted a review

Greendog is the story of a supercool surfer dude that got nailed by a gnarly wave. The impact left him with a heavy pendant that had a nasty curse on it! Greendog must locate the Surfboard of the Ancients to break the curse!

Greendog will travel through beautiful Caribbean settings, face strange and exotic creatures and jam to tropical music! Totally trippin'!

reggie posted a review

This is just an average game.

vinx_619 posted a review
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