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Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Puzzles & Words

Super Nintendo gamers, rejoice! Kemco is ready to roll with one of the first puzzler titles for the SNES.

ProTip: Plan carefully when large Bombs abound. They'll set off chain reactions that leave you without a leg (or Tile) to stand on.

Kablooey (originally known as Bombuzal in Japan) pits one or two players against 130 different explosive puzzles. Each puzzle is a strange maze of different tiles surrounded by a chilly blue sea. Your task is to explode all the bombs resting on the tiles before time runs out. The trick is to explode the tiles instead of exploding yourself. Each puzzle also has up to five different kinds of tiles, including slippery Ice 1 lies, indestructible Riveted files, Spinners, Teleports and Slot Tiles that enable you to move bombs.

The explosives on the tiles vary from Small to Large Aerial Bombs -- each with different explosive capabilities. You must figure out which order to detonate the bombs in order to wind up standing on a tile that isn't going to blow itself (and you) to smithereens.

It's OK to end up standing on a Dissolving Tile.

Luckily, Kablooey's options include an overhead view of the puzzle for quick strate-gizing and a password system to return to whichevei puzzle you're stuck on until you get it right In Kablooey, nice graphics combine with an engaging series of puzzles to challenge even the most specially oriented of gamers. Apply some brain cells to this game and prove you're the kingpin of krafty gaming.

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Bombuzal is a unique puzzle game that requires strategy and planning in order to survive each level of challenge. Each level has a certain arrangement of bombs on a very volatile platform. One wrong move and you may be video vapor. To finish a level you must set the bombs off in the right order so that all bombs are destroyed and you are still intact. The game can be played from either 3-D or 2-D perspective. Bombuzal is one of the first Super NES carts directed at a younger audience as well the first with a puzzle theme. Does not make good use of the Super NES hardware though.

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