Kid Niki: Radical Ninja

a game by Data East

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Fighting Games

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Kid Niki: Radical Ninja is of video game in U.S. In Japan it is called Kaiketsu Yancha Maru. This arcade game published in 1986 year by Irem. In 1987 year, Data East published transfer of the game to the Apple II, Commodore 64 and Nintendo Entertainment System. Inquisitively, all home variants of the game present on the back of their boxes screenshots from the graphically super arcade version. Kid Niki: Radical Ninja was successful game unlike other games released by Data East.

The differences and varieties between the Kaiketsu Yancha Maru and Kid Niki: Radical Ninja are minimal. Digression from words translation, the most standing out rather is the main hero's haircut. Kid Niki's hair is like more "punk rock" stile with wild irregular spikes and he has a ponytail hair in the back. The Hero Yancha Maru has hair much subdued spikes and a chonmage. In the arcade port of the game, the main hero's Keikogi is yellow although Keikogi has is red in the home versions.


Once upon a time in Feudal Japan the most radical of ninjas - Kid Niki, is training at Ninja School. At once, a flying bird is knock down by an arrow and fall at Niki's feet. There is be found attached message saying that evil Stone Wizard kidnapped Niki's girlfriend, called Princess Margo. Niki start in a pursuit with the scream of "I will help you!", and start on his quest to rescue Margo.


Kid Niki is has arms as the Spinning Sword, which accordingly to the game's hand-book manual, "has been proceed down from master monk to next master monk the School of Chirin."

The supplement to the spinning sword, Kid Niki may get extra defensive power by assuming Bells. For example, The Golden Bell allows hero to launch a missile each time Kid Niki going round his sword, and for defence Silver Bell produce a spinning power field around hero. These power-ups works for a limited time.

The Kid Niki: Radical Ninja is divided up into 7 rounds, with a boss at the end of each stage. The boss's kinds are so:

  • Stage 1: Death Breath
  • Stage 2: Spike
  • Stage 3: Horned Witch
  • Stage 4: Green Grub
  • Stage 5: Mad Monk
  • Stage 6: Samurai Guard
  • Stage 7: Stone Wizard

The arcade port goes on Irem-62 Hardware, similar to Kung-Fu Master.

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  • Manufacturer: Data East
  • Machine: NES

El Dorado, Arkansas' Chris Loggins has relayed a bonus room for this scrolling game. On Level 3, jump on the third cloud that goes up and down. Kill the kite and bird, then wait until the cloud goes up to its peak. Press U and jump, and you'll discover a secret room for extra points. Nice one, Chris.

reggie posted a review

Irem is bringing out the sequel to the original Data East Kid Niki that we enjoyed a few years ago on the NES. The game play is much the same as are the weapons and the horizontal above and below ground scrolling action. The quest is all new though, with new enemies and boss characters.

reggie posted a review
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