MLBPA Baseball

MLBPA Baseball by EA Sports is a strong contender in the baseball market. It boasts great sounds and easy controls, but it comes up a little short otherwise.

An Average Hitter

If you're a die-hard baseball fan who loves stats and real teams, you may be disappointed with MLBPA Baseball. Although this game has real Major League players and '93 stats, the team names are gone -- no Oakland A's, just Oakland. You can play a full season, playoffs, or a series, but the stats aren't updated to gauge your current performance.

  • Adjust your lineup so that a majority of your batters are righties if the pitcher Is a lefty, and vice versa. Also be sure your three, four and five hitters have the highest home run numbers on the team.
  • When you have a home run hitter at bat, swing a little early to pull the ball.

To its credit, this game has some of the easiest game play controls around, which makes this a good game for beginners. You can also control the ball once it leaves the pitcher's hand, something you can't do in high-profile games like World Series Baseball for the Genesis.

Good Atmosphere

MLBPA's graphics are clean and colorful, but they're nothing to get excited about. Although they're better than the graphics in some other games, they don't add much atmosphere. The sounds of MLBPA, on the other hand, are outstanding. From the clear digitized voices calling strikes and outs, to the ballpark-style music throughout the game, the sounds give you the feeling that you're really in the game.

Solid Baseball

MLBPA Baseball is a good, no-frills baseball game, lacking only the graphics and the full licensing to be a true champion. It may be a better game for novices than it is for veterans, but there's still plenty of fun in this game.

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MLBPA Baseball Downloads

Sega Genesis MLBPA Baseball download
  • Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
  • Machine: SNES and Genesis

An arcade-style cart that focuses more on action than strategy. Large characters and fluid animations are a big plus, but tough control and a lack of options hold this one back.

reggie posted a review
  • Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
  • Machine: Super NES

Incredible Mode 7 effects are the highlight of this sports cart. The problem here is the shots of the field are too narrow and confined, so you don't get the "big picture" that you should. Nonetheless, the game plays very well

reggie posted a review

If you're in the market for an uncomplicated yet challenging baseball game that's fun for'all ages, look no further than MLBPA Baseball! It's the newest (and one of the best) additions to EA Sports' impressive lineup of baseball games.

ProTip: When starting a season in the middle, be sure to update all of the previous games on the schedule. It'll bring all the other teams' records up to date and make the overall standings accurate.

From Alomar to Zeile

Any die-hard baseball fan will love the options that MLBPA offers. Although the real team names were left out, every player from the '93 season is included and all the stats are legit. Play a single game, control your team through the playoffs, or play a 162-game season with the option of starting anywhere on the schedule. While you're at it, invite some friends over for some four-way play (using EA's adapter).

The sound is MLBPA's best feature. Digitized crowd noise and the umpires' voices make you feel like you're at the ballpark. Enjoy the organ music at your favorite stadium or head to Atlanta and listen to the fans do "The Chop."

Don't switch infielders and outfielders carelessly. If you sub a player, always put the sub in his correct position to avoid excessive errors.

Smooth and colorful graphics enhance the game play. However, they're still on the cartoony, undetailed side, more like Ken Griffey Jr. Presents than Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball.

Real Baseball Action!

The controls for this game are easy to learn and operate, which makes it ideal for younger players. Although the players are much slower than those in the SNES version, all the defensive align-ments, run-downs, bad hops, and booted balls remain intact.

EA Sports has come up with a brilliant encore to its famed Tony LaRussa Baseball. Super sounds and smooth, easy controls should attract a whole new generation of video ballplayers.

reggie posted a review
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