Pocky & Rocky 2

a game by Natsume

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Action

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It is the harvest festival and Princess Luna is visiting from the moon for the festivities. The entire village including Pocky and her friends are there. Suddenly a couple of shady looking characters show up and kidnap Princess Luna. The town begs for Pocky and Rocky to rescue the princess. They agree and then gather a couple more friends for the long journey ahead of them.

Pocky is out trying to save the world once again and this time she has seven (that's right seven) partners to choose from. They all have different attack styles and special moves. Plus, you don't start the game off with all seven--no, you only start out with three. You must find the other four partners somewhere throughout the game. Unlike EGM, they aren't right in your face. You have to look for their houses and find them before they can join you. This game definitely improves ten-fold on an already great game. There are tons of different attacks and special moves to use in this game. There is also a password feature so you can quit when you get tired.

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Pocky and Rocky 2 is like Hello Kitty on the warpath. Exquisitely rendered cutesy cartoon characters based on Japanese mythological critters race around in a murderous 3/4-overhead-view shooter. Like its predecessor, Pocky & Rocky, P&R 2 is offbeat, off- the-wall, and outtasight!

Pocky's Road

This game is sweet but Pocky is a plucky little girl hero who definitely plays with a full deck... of magic cards. She maniacally sails them at the sinister minions of Dynagon, an evil demon dude who's... right, kidnapped the Princess. One or two players guide Pocky and her spunky friends through seven sizzling levels against an aggressive horde of kamikaze creatures.

Pocky's definitely the star, but don't fret, Rocky fans, the rascally raccoon is here, leaf tossing and all. In fact, this time Rocky and any one of six CPU-controlled companions -- including Tengy the flyer, Digger the mole, and Ottobot the missile shooter -- automatically accompany you in single player mode.

Pocky's compadres add nifty strategy to the game. Each friend follows you automatically, but only one can tag along at a time. Moreover, changing partners requires finding a special icon. Your little friends automatically toss stuff at enemies, but you can also toss your bud like a living missile! Additionally, Pocky can magically enter any character's body to perform specialized actions. For example, Bomber Bob/Pocky lifts boulders to reveal items, and Little Ninja/Pocky picks locks. You orchestrate the action with crisp controls. The heroes wheel and deal 360-degree destruction on a dime.


  • When you ride Mad Dog in Stage 5, be sure to time your lateral movement so that you can grab Coins when you destroy an enemy.
  • Coins disappear when they stop bouncing.
  • Boxes of Surprises for sale in the power-up Shrines can be a good buy for the money.

Graphics To Kill For

Natsume's cast its magic spell over the visuals again. As in P&R, the P&R 2 Japanese fantasy creatures look picture perfect. Even the tiniest animals and items display precise detail.

The audio doesn't fare as well. The effects are minimal. The Japanese-sounding tunes range from folksy to techno-funk, but it's strictly sushi-bar stuff.

Cute but Cocky!

Pocky & Rocky 2's visuals may be too cute and too Japanese for some tastes, but the tough action speaks a universal language -- hardcore shoot- em-up! Pocky and Rocky are "2" much!

Need treasure chest keys? Bomber Bob and Little Ninja can help.

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People say:


I enjoyed the original Pocky & Rocky, and I was overjoyed when I saw the sequel. However, a few things have changed. I don't like the fact that Rocky (and the other characters) are nothing more than funky options. The graphics are really good and the music is nice, too The new people are a nice touch, and figuring out what they do is part of the fun. As a sequel, it doesn't match the original, but it's still top-notch.


Very nice, indeed! I thoroughly enjoyed their first adventure and this one tops it. It's cool that there are new characters for Pocky to team up with, each having their own special abilities. The game plays superbly and is a blend of an adventure and shooting game all in one. The Bosses are corny looking but that s part of the appeal. Lots of surprises, plenty of enemies, and hidden stuff add up to one really fun game.


What can I say about one of the coolest adventure sequels? Natsume's Pocky & Rocky 2 comes out a winner with fine graphics and superb game play. The sound even has cool stereo separation The best part is Pocky can have partners other than Rocky, which totally gives the game new life each time you play. I like how each character has different abilities, too. Very impressive! Cute too!


The original is one of my all-time favorite games. The cute characters and loads of technique (including the ability to block) make it great to play. In this sequel, they've added several friends to help you These other guys can be played by a second player or computer controlled. Tons of new moves, improved graphics, and cute characters i make this an awesome two-player game.

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  • Theme: Shooter
  • Release: April/May 1994

Known in Japan as Kikikaikai 2, Pocky & Rocky 2 is the sequel to the great shooter that appeared last year. Unlike the first game, Sayo (Pocky) is accompanied by another character who serves as an option. At the start, Sayo can choose one of three characters as options: a raccoon (Rocky), a girl ninja or a powerful priest. Later, she can pick up four more optional characters including a scarecrow, a mole and even a robot. In Single Player Mode, the option runs on its own, shooting enemies and dodging shots automatically. Sayo can link up with an option for added powers, or even throw the option at the enemies. In the Two-Player Mode, the second person controls the option, but must stay close to Sayo.

Carrying on the original's wacky Oriental setting and unique game system that allows you to block enemy shots, this one is as fun as the first. Another winner by Natsume, it seems. It should come out here soon!

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  • Manufacturer: Natsume
  • Machine: Super NES
  • Theme: Shooter

Shooter fans can now rejoice. Pocky & Rocky 2 will be coming to the United States very soon. Since the first game was so impressive, expect this one to be even better. For one, Pocky has more friends to take with her. Aside from Rocky, there's a ninja, a robot, and even a scarecrow!

Pocky & Rocky 2 is loaded with technique, just like the first one. You can use your fan, tails... or whatever (depending on who you are) to bat enemy shots away. This is the only shooter where you can do that. Also use the other player as a weapon against the enemies. Like the first game, you can power-up your weapons to extreme proportions. There are numerous items hidden throughout the many levels too! Only by finding them all will you have a chance of making it all the way to the end.

As could be expected, the graphics have been improved over the original game. It still has that Oriental feel to it as well. The music and sounds are even better, so this cart has been enhanced in every way possible.

Natsume has been hard at work to bring this over. Now Pocky & Rocky fans have another challenge to work their way through.

reggie posted a review

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