S.O.S. Sink or Swim

a game by Zeppelin Games

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Platformer

As a liner sinks, panicked passengers immediately run right into danger. In Sink or Swim, you guide these dimwits to safety before they drown. This mildly entertaining puzzler presents increasingly difficult obstacles that you must overcome, including open holes that the passengers fall into. You manipulate bombs, conveyors belts, hoists, and dinghies to effect rescues. Smooth controls enable you to regularly beat the clock.

ProTip: Bombs don't hurl passengers, so you can plant them near hatches.

The stiff cartoony sprites might remind you of Bomber- man, while the colorful backgrounds resemble those in many other decent SNES games. Comical voices spice up the average music.

Sink or Swim lacks head-to- head competition, but its cute puzzles might keep novices playing to the end. Veterans, however, may soon jump ship.

You can swim, but climbing ladders is faster.

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