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Genre: Action

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Children (including Spawn's daughter. Cyan) have been kidnapped by a sinister foe. It is your duty to save them. You just don't go as any mortal. however; you have been given the power to fight as Todd McFarlane's popular superhero. Spawn. Using your arsenal of hell-spawned weapons, fight your way through the urban landscape to reach the captive children.

Spawn can be compared to every typical comic-book hero that has been transformed into a video game. The character bears a striking resemblance to the 4 comic book (which is good), but game play and unique-Чм ness have been passed over flying at warp 9. This directional side scrolling action title puts you up against an army of hired thugs with knives, guns, fire bombs and bare fists. However, one problem arises with this impressive-sounding scenario. They can't hurt you. All of the enemies could be armed with nuclear devices and still not put a scratch on you. Why? Because you're Spawn, a superhero that can't be harmed by mortals. Give me a break! These fall-down enemies do nothing more than just irritate you and boost your self-confidence as you walk through them with the greatest of ease.

The appearance of the character and the rest of the scenery look as if they have been plucked right out of the confines of the Image world. Spawn's actions and movements also coincide with the superhero look. His use of buildings to get that all-too-familiar superhero jump off of the side of a vertical object is also a nice touch. Apparently, the programmers thought so too because you will need to complete levels where all you do is use this jump to get from one ledge to another. The first level you come across where you are required to do this is fairly easy; you only have to fight with the terrible control interface in this area. The next level where you are expected to ascend vertically is where the difficulty arises. This is the stage where you are trying to enter the warehouse, and the hired guns are practicing up on their sniping skills by launching giant exploding bullets at you. You don't come across one enemy here either, only a single crosshair that is always right on your tail. Your job is to stay ahead of it as you climb to the roof and the bullets explode at your tail. Keep in mind that the control is fighting you every step of the way and one mistake will knock you out of your jumping rhythm as the giant projectiles pound you mercilessly. Again, not fun! Fortunately, an unlimited amount of continues are available for use throughout the game.

Spawn's entire game layout tries to purposely annoy the player instead of being entertaining and challenging. The style is more of the same with nothing new except the character. Bad control, unbalanced enemies and absolutely no power-ups force Spawn well into the snoring range.


Once Spawn reaches the warehouse and frees the children, he must combat his archnemesis Anti-Spawn more than once. Surrounded by an aura of flying mannequin parts, Anti-Spawn tries to get the chain-wielding hero back for releasing his hostages. Block your way through the airborne plastic body parts, jump over his powerful light beam attack and pick him apart one scratch at a time. Remember the damage his minions did (or I should say didn't do) to you? Well, now you have the favor returned as you watch all of your weapons and attacks switch to the "Gentle" Mode and barely harm him. After many tries and countless attacks, you defeat him. But wait--now he is back again with even more special powers. And you're expected to beat him all over again. Once is more than enough!

  • PUBLISHER - Acclaim
  • DIFFICULTY - Moderate

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Spawn is the hottest-selling comic-book series since the X- Men. Although the SNES game is true to its origins, the linear gameplay makes for run-of- the-mill action.

Night of the Living Dead

As Spawn, you strike a deal with an evil force, Malebolgia, in order to acquire the powers that will help you save your kidnapped family. You receive more than 24 basic fighting moves and 8 superpower attacks, such as fireballs and teleport moves. Four deep stages lie between you and the final confrontation with Malebolgia.

Playing solo in this side scroller, you face unending waves of goons and thugs, plus tough bosses straight from the comic, including Angela and Violator. Additional obstacles include a tight time schedule and a limited life bar. The action is nonstop and very challenging -- fortunately there's a password feature.

Unfortunately, Spawn's gameplay is all action and little else; it offers no hidden levels, secret objects, or power- ups amid the relentless fighting. Many of the ruffians make repeat performances on every level, as do some of the bosses. It's a kick to see Spawn kicking tail, but the linear action quickly becomes monotonous.

ProTip: Every time your cape deflects a hit, your life bar shrinks. Try dodging opponents and projectiles Instead.

Although Spawn has a substantial repertoire of easy-to- control fighting moves, his super moves are a bit thin. Most of them require some manual gymnastics with Street Fighter ll-like control-pad rotations.

Under the Hood

Spawn's highlights are its graphics and animation. The game's artists successfully captured the dark, brooding atmosphere of the comic, especially in the backgrounds. All the characters are well rendered with plenty of detail, and they move smoothly.

Spawn himself is an impressive sight with his trademark cape billowing and coiling around his body. The sound effects, on the other hand, are merely adequate.

  • Repeatedly bounce off the sides of walls to propel yourself up. Button B makes the cape slow your fall.
  • Use spin kicks to take out snipers in the windows.
  • Although the Tinkerbell attack looks good, it's not all that powerful. Deploy It against ordinary foes, not bosses.

Spawn Spurned

Although pretty to look at, Spawn doesn't offer anything new to the action/adventure genre. Spawn scores a direct hit with fans of the comic book, but veteran gamers will most likely be disappointed.

reggie posted a review

Who doesnt like Spawn he whoops butt AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!download it now yo

Jacob Horn posted a review

Awesome side scrolling game, and no one can deny how brutal spawn is, but how do you use his hell powers? it says in the handbook that you have to hit " R " to use them, but how do you program a button to be " R"?????? it only allows me to chose start, mode, a,b,c,x,y, and z!

Jeremy posted a review
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