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The Spider Man series of games generally features side-scrolling games, naturally featuring the titular character and not only. Generally speaking, the series is vast and has quite a few crossovers with other characters from the series or even other series.

Because it’s such a vast series, the story varies and there’s no real connection between games other than the fact that they all star Spider Man himself. Whether it’s stopping the Kingpin from fulfilling his evil scheme, the Hobgoblin from wreaking havoc or putting a stop to the relentless Sinister Six, you can expect web slinging action in a platforming meets beat ‘em up style.

One of the games is a crossover between Spider Man and X-Men, featuring levels for four of the X-Men as they try to help him defeat a new enemy known simply as Arcade. During “Web of Fire”, he can get assistance from the hero Dare Devil as he tries to put an end to the Neo-Nazi organization HYDRA.

As mentioned, the gameplay is mostly side-scrolling and beat ‘em up, with a touch of platforming, using the hero’s well-known abilities. These can include crawling on any surface, swinging from ledge to ledge by grappling with his special web and even his spider-sense to detect potential hazards. “Web of Fire” allows you to temporarily incapacitate your enemies by tying them up with web from a distance; while other games let you perform flying kicks while swinging.

Of course, they all feature, to some extent, boss fights with the most popular villains of the series who try to stop you in your tracks once their henchmen have been defeated. In Spider-Man vs Kingpin, for example, Doctor Octopus uses his many extendable arms to keep you at a distance and deal damage at the same time; other times the Hobgoblin flies around a very large room while throwing bombs your way, meaning that you must time your jumps and attack him mid-air.

The graphics largely differ, depending on the game and on the year of its release, naturally because of the available technology. 1992’s Spider-Man and the X-Men features 2D comic-like graphics and characters, while Web of Fire, released 4 years later, has more fluid animations, larger and more detailed character designs.

As is common with most long-running series, it is also prone to reboots and redesigns in all media, including games, live action films, cartoons and comics. This is probably because fans constantly expect something new, something fresh, and reusing the same story over and over is not an option. Unfortunately, characters cannot live forever, so new storylines end up being revamps and contradict previous ones.

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