Spy vs Spy

a game by Seika, and First Star

Platforms: NESNESSega Master SystemSega Master System

Genres: Action, Strategy/War

  • Manufacturer: DATA EAST

If you've ever wanted to play an arcade game in the James Bond mold, this thriller is the ticket. It features a battle royal over a variety of locations including underwater and free-falling from the sky.

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Spy vs Spy Downloads

Sega Master System Spy vs Spy download
  • Manufacturer: KONAMI

This game features Contra-like action with a changing perspective on the excitement.

reggie posted a review

It's the Superbowl of spying. Two super-sleuths frantically search the embassy for Top Secret documents affecting world security.

The world is in big trouble... because these bumbling secret agents are the heroes of MAD Magazine's Spy vs. Spy cartoon series. Your mission: escape with the secret documents -- and your life! Because the other spy is trying to do you in with devious boobytraps.

Get MAD.

Get even.

Get weird.

Get Spy vs. Spy.

reggie posted a review
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