Starship Hector

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Shooting Games

The Starship Hector has just returned from an exploratory mission thousands of light years into deep space. The crew missed a lot of things about Earth-luckily, they missed the Fourth World War! Now, the Earth is a devastated planet overrun by gruesome Bio-Mechanical creatures. Looks like you'll have to start to re-build civilization from scratch, but, first, you must get rid of the Bio-Mechanicals! This futuristic shoot-em-up features blazing vertical and horizontal action as the Hector fights its way through six Bio-Mechanical empires. The Bio-Mechanicals are a disease infecting the Earth. The Hector's Sparkle Gun and Crater Bombs are the cure. You'll face 35 types of bio-monsters and six formidable boss creatures. Complete a stage and you'll earn valuable points towards extra lives. Also, find the bonus panels to help you continue your vendetta. Starship Hector's non-stop action will really blister your trigger finger.

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