Super Slam Dunk

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Sports

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Super Slam Dunk
  • Manufacturer: Virgin
  • Machine: Super NES
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: June 1992
  • Theme: Sports

It is not just the shoes!

Magic Johnson and Virgin Games have joined to bring us a slam fast that is not for the weak of heart. You can choose to hit the court with any one of the many pro teams avail-able. The baskets are few and far between, so you must find the player on each team who will do most of your scoring. A surprising amount of half court shots are completed. Also, a surprising amount of slam dunks are missed, so be prepared to spend a little time learning who can score and from where on the court.

Passing is truly impressive in Super Slam Dunk. We are talking about behind the back, no look passes happening all of the time! Be careful, though, because the computer is good at stealing the ball. There are plenty of opportunities for fast breaks with open lanes to the basket. However, successful dunks are not as frequent as one would expect. You must learn to slam the ball.

Magic Johnson's Super Slam Dunk is a fast paced, no holds barred good time. For the true sporting enthusiast, this is the ultimate in basketball action!

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Hit the court with Magic Johnson's Super Slam Dunk. Choose from many top pro teams available in a free-for-all slam-fest! The court is viewed from a diagonal-view perspective to give you a clear view of all the action! You will need it, because your rival team can fool you with fake passes and back shots. Run to the net and perform one of three different shots, like slams and reverse double slams!

People say:


This game just doesn't have the legs to stand up against similar carts in the field. Although the game play does possess the most necessary elements of a basketball game, much of the detail (not to mention challenge in the versus computer mode) and finesse of basketball just can't be found.


The Super Nintendo is presently going through its basketball stage - almost everybody is doing a buckets game. This version would have been great 6 months ago, but now others have equaled the technology and gone beyond it. As it is, considering the competition, it is only average.


I was somewhat disappointed by this cart. The graphics are choppy and the there is very little control over your team. For a 16-Bit game, the graphics are lacking and the sounds are not SNES quality. This is a nice try at making a basketball cart with a big name, but I found, the game lacking in too many areas.


So far, very few sports titles seem to be working out on the SNES. Perhaps it is just too early for programmers to take on the tough task of creating a smooth sports game. Super Slam Dunk is okay, but suffers from so-so animation, so-so control, and so-so background sound effects. On the average, its only average.

reggie posted a review

Basketball is now the number one sport being programmed on the S-NES. Virgin's version, featuring Magic Johnson, utilizes the SNES' Mode 7 feature by rotating the court to follow the fast and furious action on the court.

You can choose from a wide variety of teams, and can pick your starting players to build the best team possible. Great multiplayer action which is sure to please the most avid of fans. Very realistic action and a tough ref.

reggie posted a review

Magic Johnson stars in this Summer release for your SNES. This full-court basketball simulation lets you take control of one character on a team, but you can change characters during the game. You can also call the plays and use a wide selection of passing techniques, such as the bounce pass, the alley-oop, the no-look, and the behind-the-back. What more would you expect from a roundball game inspired by Magic Johnson, one of the greatest playmakers of all-time?

A rotating court follows the ball during all the action. Plus, Instant Replay lets you relive your greatest game moments over and over again.

reggie posted a review
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