Super Sprint

a game by Tengen

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Racing

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  • Theme: Driver
  • Number of Tracks: 7
  • Difficulty: Average
  • Number of Players: 1 or 2
  • Available: July, 1989


Straight from the arcade and into your home comes Super Sprint! In the Tengen home version of this coin-op classic, you go up against super-powered drone cars as well as other players (with an optional two-player combo mode) in a race to reach the checkered flag! Seven different tracks, which get progressively more difficult as obstacles are added, must be lapped four times. As long as you stay in the lead you proceed to the next race. Along the way you can retrieve power-up wrenches which can be cashed in for enhanced tractions, speed, acceleration and points. It's all-out fun from beginning to end, and is guaranteed not to disappoint fans of the arcade masterpiece.


Different strategies must be employed to beat the competition in each race. Always take advantage of the short cuts that east in some of the rounds (4 and 5) and be sure to avoid the obstacles that appear in later rounds of play!


During each race, two gold wrenches will appear at various locations around the track. By collecting these items, you can increase the performance of your vehicle by enhancing your traction (for tighter turns), acceleration, speed, and points!

Complete all seven tracks and race again!

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Super Sprint Downloads

NES Super Sprint download

The multi-player arcade sensation comes home courtesy of Tengen! Challenge your friends to the head to head action of Super Sprint as you take a formula one racer around hairpin curves and over jumps in eight different tracks! Special power-ups let you customize your car for even more thrills! Don't forget to get that wrench!

reggie posted a review

It's Grand Prix action based on the coin op hit of the same name. Tear around one of seven different tracks at speeds that'll curl your hair. You and a friend can race the computer in four-lap heats, dodging deadly obstacles like oil spills, twisters, and traffic cones. You get an overhead view of each course. The tracks are packed with twists and turns, including jump ramps, opening and closing gates, over/underpasses, and deadly hairpin turns. Customize your car with super traction, blazing top speeds, and turbo acceleration. Hey, are you ready to burn some rubber?

reggie posted a review

One or two players can race in Super Sprint, experiencing the thrill, speed and excitement of racing in the Grand Prix. The game features four lap tracks, jump ramps, opening and closing gates, over/underpasses and hairpin turns. Super Sprint allows you to customize your car with such features as super traction, higher top speed and turbo acceleration. Super Sprint, it's definitely not for Sunday drivers.

reggie posted a review
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