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Genre: Platformer

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This original action game based on the little seen coin-op is a great action/adventure title for the Lynx. You must guide Toki through forests, caverns, and mountains. Along the way pick up the special weapons left after killing certain enemies. Great fun from start to finish!

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So you think nobody can make a monkey out of ya', eh? Just wait until you play Taito's Toki! The resident Sorcerer, Vookimedlo, snatches your girlfriend, Miho, and immediately changes you into, that's right a banana burner.

This monkey's tale of woe takes you through six semi-rigorous levels consisting of jungles, caves, lakes, and palaces. Your goal is to reach the Golden Palace, destroy Vookimedlo, and rescue Miho.

If you're familiar with the arcade version of Toki, you'll find this game a pretty fair clone. The gameplay is virtually the same. Toki walks, jumps, ducks, crawls and shoots fiery blasts from his mouth. The lay of the land, albeit 8-bit, looks very similar, not to mention good.

True to action adventure norms, the local gang of beasties (including Ape Warriors, Armor Lizards, and Flying Heads) aren't too keen on you monkey- trekking through their home turf and they don't hesitate to let you know it. But you've got your bad monkey breath, so throw a few beastly barbecues. Better still, snare icons for added power, invincibility, extra jumping power, and extra game time.

ProTip: Even when you can't see anything above and sometimes below, assume that an enemy lurks nearby. Keep a steady stream of firepower flowing, especially during vertical climbs.

You might not go absolutely ape over Toki, but this moderately challenging action adventure game will help satisfy your most "primal" entertainment needs.

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