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Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Action

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Whizz is a fast-paced, new game that has you controlling a rabbit who must race against the clock to find an exit. You'll have to jump over obstacles, spin attack your enemies and activate various levers and switches in order to be successful. You don't have much time, so any hourglasses (they add to your time) you find can be very helpful. Good luck!


My first impression was that this game was geared strictly for younger audiences. After playing a little while, however. I realized I was mistaken. This game will challenge everyone.


The best feature of this game is the variety of paths in the game. Many of them are dead ends, but they often have valuable goodies nearby.


The control! This is not a finished product, and maybe some of this will be fixed. The problem is, when you press Up. your character moves diagonally Up. Everything is rotated 45 degrees clockwise. Hopefully, there will be an option to adjust the control.


If you like games like Marble Madness or Crystal Castles, you'll like this. The 3-D, 3/4-view perspective takes a little getting used to. but with improved control. this one should be a winner.

  • THEME - Action

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With its colorful graphics and hoppin' hero, Whizz should've been a game younger players would love. Unfortunately, Titus made the gameplay so frustrating that most gamers will only get hoppin' mad.

Playing from the angled- overhead view you saw in Viewpoint and Krazy Klown, you bounce your bunny down narrow paths and across thin bridges in search of items to gather and buttons to push. The gameplay should've been simple fun, but the awkward view makes you constantly miss platforms and run right into the simplest enemies. Even at the Easy difficulty setting, Whizz requires a lot of tedious practice before you're able to beat the quick clock.

ProTip: Wait a moment until the enemy retreats before you spin through walls.

The cartoony sounds and graphics are average, dragged down by a bland hero who definitely needs some personality. Too bad the game is so frustrating. Most players will whizz right out of the room after a while.

Don't try to spin-attack red-and- white enemies because they won't take any damage.

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