Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

a game by LJN

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Adventure/RPG

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

This video game was produced for the Nintendo Entertainment Systems by Rareware and published in 1989 by LJN. This one-player game of an action genre has some basis on the Robert Zemeckis movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. And it also has some collective elements of some graphic adventure video games with another quite traditional of action and adventure. Another version of this game for different PC systems was released in 1988.

In this game the player take control of Eddie Valliant, who is always followed by the cartoon character, framed Roger Rabbit. You have to walk around a Hollywood city, entering different buildings and many other places like caves to talk to people, some of them might be from the movie. You have to get various things, which can be on the ground and also inside drawers, chests to find out who the framed Roger Rabbit is.

Another half of the play takes you into some infamous Toontown, where there are more buildings and caves to explore to find Marvin Acme's lost will. And prepare for a fight with the nefarious Judge Doom.

Despite all those items, scattered throughout the various locations in the game, you have to be cautious for enemies who will try to deplete your life force, or kidnap Roger Rabbit and end the game. There will be eagles, randomly swooping down, attempting to grab Roger Rabbit. If the Toon Patrol kidnaps Roger, your only hope is to answer their riddles correctly and then get away while they are laughing. You also must face various enemies. Some of them cannot be killed. Such as bottomless pits, dogs, rats, snakes, or walking cartoon shoes.

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