Asterix and the Secret Mission

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I'm not a big fan of the European comic, so this game didn't really appeal to me. The graphics and animation were well done in this rendition, and the music is quite nice. What is really bugging me is that the control doesn't match the other elements It's hard to get where you want to go without dying. It's also hard to see ahead to avoid the dangers. This is, overall, a good game that's hurt a lot by the control.


Welcome to another day in the life of another action game, starring Asterix the Gaul. Yes, Asterix is strictly average stuff with nothing that stands out. He moves quick, punches everybody out of his way, and must find keys to open doors. Sound exciting? Of course it doesn't The tunes are simple beeps and clicks but the volume control is only a fingertip away. Sorry Asterix, you're just not too exciting.


Man! I'm sorry, but Asterix is just a ho-hum game with nothing really exciting to show for it. The control is a major problem where the jump seems to be difficult to manage, and the music just becomes more of a nuisance. Otherwise, the game's graphics are done very well with cute characters from the cartoon And there are some OK little weapons that you can use--like the bomb. I just couldn't get into it though.


At first the game seems Kind of weird, but after you play it a bit, you can really get into it. Options like changing character and the strange power-ups add a nice twist. The graphics are sharp and detailed for a portable but the sounds do get a bit annoying. This may not be everyone's type of game. The action is interesting but the game can get frustrating at times. If you're on the road and want to waste time, pick this up!

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