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Platform: NESNES

Genre: Platformer

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Hop on your ostrich and prepare for a tournament of danger in Joust! The arcade classic is now on the Lynx for all you portable gamers.

Knock your Pterodactyl enemies off of their buzzards to complete each level and rack up big points. As you progress further in the dark and murky lands, you'll face more dangers like burning bridges, disappearing platforms and Lava Trolls. Grab your lance for a real challenge!

People say:


Joust is one of my all-time favorites despite its repetitive nature. The real test of this game is the similarity of execution and, in most respects, the Lynx version comes out with flying colors. The screen size makes it difficult to judge encounters accurately, however, detracting from a good game.


Wow! Another game from my era. Atari has done a remarkable hob of recreating the feel of the original arcade title and even though you are doing the same thing level after level, the game does stay challenging as it gets more difficult to clear the levels as you progress farther into the game. A great blast from the past.


Joust is one of my old arcade favorites. It is repetitive by nature, but plays really well and building you score through surviving is the key goal. Everything is practically identical even the sound effects! The only problem is with the tiny screen the game seems kind of cramped and judging the height of your pole is difficult.


Joust on the Lynx is just what the doctor ordered for this old gamer! Many of the same tricks from the original arcade (like slipping through cracks) are intact, to my delight! Joust should provide hours of fun for those of us who loved the original arcade classic. Just remember to keep an eye out for that fire troll!

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