Mega Man Zero

a game by Capcom

Platform: GBA

Genre: Action

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Mega Man is back again, or is he? Actually this time it's his pal Zero that's back. Zero is awakened from a hundred-year sleep to help a scientist named Ciel to find the source of a new Reploid energy. Mega Man Zero brings you more classic Mega Man action, this time with the heat of action turned way up.

As with too many games these days you have to sit through a ton of dialogue before you can actually play, even if you've already been through that portion of the game before. Unless you're familiar with the Mega Man series story line none of it will really make any sense anyway. Once the play starts you'll find yourself up against all kinds of interesting creatures that come at you pretty fast. As long as you don't mind repetitive motion injuries to your trigger thumb, you should be able to take 'em out easily enough. If you're lucky some enemies will leave some life capsules, crystals, or a Cyber Elf behind. The elves are seemingly helpful computer programs that can be found and invoked at certain times after they've been downloaded at your base. Someone must have been feeling a little Giga Pet-ish when they developed the game as certain elves need to be fed crystals and maintained to achieve their full potential. But what will really make you want to throw your GBA against the wall is fighting the bosses. They seem to be harder to destroy than the bosses in any other Mega Man game I've played. They are way fast and have lots of life. Some even have time limits that you must beat them in. This game is definitely for the seasoned Mega Man junkie.

The controls, graphics, and sounds are exactly what you would expect from a Mega Man game, no complaints here. You have all the Mega Man abilities such as wall jumping and using multiple weapons and special items but don't bother trying to duck. If you've played any recent Mega Man game, you pretty much know how to play this one.

Mega Man Zero isn't a bad game, just difficult. If the bosses weren't so hard to destroy I would've been much happier. I would definitely recommend this game to obsessive Mega Man players and/or people that think everything else out there is just too easy, but if you get frustrated quickly or just want a relaxing play then this isn't the game for you.

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