NFL Football

a game by LJN, and Park Place Productions


Genre: Sports

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NFL Football

At first glance, Konami's NFL Football looks like an exciting, graphic-intensive game with plenty of bells and whistles, including real NFL teams and logos. However, the awesome-looking graphics quickly become tiresome and actually detract from game play. What starts as a very promising game ends up as a lesson in frustration. It doesn't matter how great the players look if you can't find the ball!

Great Gridiron Sights & Sounds

NFL Football features some of the best graphics and sounds of any gridiron game. Its extensive use of Mode 7 rotation gives the SNES a real workout. The programmers spared no expense when it came to details, such as digitized team helmets, cheerleaders, and mini displays of actual stadiums. As for sound, the music pumps up the action, the announcer's voice is crystal clear, and there are good sonic details throughout.

The game's problem is the game screen, which unfortunately is in constant motion, providing no established point of view on the action. For example, kickoffs appear initially with the kicking team at the top of the screen kicking down to the receiving team.

However, as soon as the ball is caught, the entire field rotates 180 degrees, placing the return man at the top of the screen running down to the goal line. You'll get dizzy trying to keep up.


  • For an effective onside kick, immediately press Kick as soon as the Kick Strength Meter becomes activated, then press Left or Right on the control pad.
  • During kick returns, watch for a wedge of blockers to form in front of the runner. Follow it to gain the most yardage.

Mode 7 also intercepts every passing play. As soon as the QB passes the ball, the entire field rotates 90 degrees, following the ball downfield to the receiver, who then must run down the screen to the goal line. Consequently, it's very easy to lose track of the ball, which is already a blur amid the abundant colors. Moreover, the closer the camera zooms in on the ball carrier after a catch, the harder it is to see the defenders closing l. It would have been better to simply keep the play at one angle.

Most teams have a weak pass rush. As the QB drops back, focus in on your desired receiver and watch him exclusively as the field rotates.

Only a Rookie

To enter the SNES football arena is to invite comparisons with the resident powerhouse, John Madden Football. Although NFL Football is a well-rounded game with many of the usual features of most football games, its game play just doesn't stack up. Also, its animation is choppy, the controller interface is clunky, and the playbook isn't as detailed as Madden.

Your best running path is to follow another player. If there's opposition ahead, he'll run into them for you.

Bench Warmer

NFL Football is fun to look at, but it's not as fun to play. Perhaps some of the special effort put into the graphics should have been applied to refining the game play and the control interface. If John Madden Football weren't on the field, then this game would have definitely been a starter. However, in light of the current standings, NFL Football is unfortunately just a good-looking second- string rookie.

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NFL Football Downloads

SNES NFL Football download

Catch the pass, and run up the sideline for a touchdown! As many as teams from a list of official NFL organizations! Excellent scaling of the field as well as digitized voices calling the plays!

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  • Manufacturer: Konami
  • Machine: Super NES
  • Theme: Sports

Konami has made a great play for the Super NES with NFL Football! Hit the gridiron as your favorite team in the NFL. Warm up in the demo mode or check out the action in the one- and two-player modes. Preview other teams in the exhibition mode, then switch to the playoffs or pick up where you left off in a saved game. If you really want to test a team's abilities, go same team vs. same team! Down, set, hike!

People say:


Frankly, I expect state-of-the art from Konami, let's face it - they make absolutely killer games. However, I was a bit baffled with this one. The scaling and rotation effects were well executed, but they completely disorient the game play! The plays and control were adequate, but there are better football games out there.


NFL Football is a solid game with a few minor shortcomings. The scaling and rotation of the field is impressive but isn't executed very well. Also, the players seem kinda choppy when they're running around. The voice, however, is absolutely amazing with no garbled pronunciation. Overall, it's a solid game for football fans.


The concept behind this cart is very cool, but the most important aspect of a good football shouldn't be cool scaling. Concentrating on great game play is the route to go. This cart has a lot of neat bells and whistles and will delight the eyes and ears. The game play suffers from poor control and confusing interface.


Konami's the king of action games and they might have extended themselves with this sports title. The graphics are decent and there are plenty of plays and options but it doesn't have the playability of other football carts out there. These games are difficult to program and this one could 've used a bit more control.

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Konami is set to unveil NFL Football on the SNES. Although you won't get actual team rosters, the National Football League will be out in force. You'll get all 28 NFL teams, their team colors, team logos, and their offensive and defensive systems. You even get a nice picture of their home dome or stadium.

Football Frenzy

You'll be able to play a one game exhibition or jump directly into the Play-offs on the road to the Super Bowl. You'll bang helmets against the computer or a friend and spice up the action by selecting the weather.

Prior to a game, NFL displays strategic Matchups and grades the teams in eight categories based on '91 season stats. Rated team positions are Quarterback, Running Backs, Receivers, Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Defensive Backs, Linebackers, and Special Teams.

The game will also feature extensive playbooks that contain a standard set of plays, as well as offensive and defensive plays based on the tendencies and personalities of the real NFL teams. The Playbook Screen is packed with instantaneous game info (Rushing and Passing yards, First Downs, Quarterback Sacks, and Turnovers) to help you devise winning strategies against your opponent's tendencies.

Once you snap the ball, NFL Football's graphics will be a Mode 7 blitz. The game automatically spins the screen around for a variety of views of the on-field action. You get right down in the Pit on the line of scrimmage or zoom in on a single, cool play. Break into the backfield or heave a bomb downfield and the graphics spin around for an in-your-facemask close-up view of the action.

Preseason Pick?

Will NFL Football make the All-Pro SNES team? Join the Sports Pages when the game kicks off to find out!

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Capcom's NFL Football is a new one or two player sports extravaganza. Not only can you play an exciting game of football, but there are some special features never before offered in a professional football simulation.

There is a practice mode that explains how and why certain plays are used, a special MVP mode that challenges players in a series of situations and a coach mode to coach from the sidelines.

Capcom's NFL Football is scheduled for a July '92 release.

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This official NFL game has the real players that football fans love. Cool scaling of the field and a large playbook give you the realism of football on the go. Link up with another player for twice the fun.

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You say you've been waiting for realistic football action? Well, it's kick off time! NFL Football is the first football title officially licensed by the National Football League. Choose your favorite team from the ranks of the American or National Football Conferences. Team rosters are broken down by position with each player rated according to his skills. You make the calls-from determining wind speed and direction to picking authentic offensive and defensive team formations and plays. You can even call an audible at the line of scrimmage. If you have a great season, you may find yourself the victorious Super Bowl Champ. About the only thing missing is the Super Bowl Ring. But you can't have everything...

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