Paperboy 64

a game by High Voltage Software

Platform: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64

Genre: Action

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In Paperboy's weird and wonderful world, there is no grey -- only black and white. You're either a subscriber, in which case you can rely on a speedy and efficient delivery of your favourite Daily Sun, or you're the enemy, in which case you can expect to have your windows broken, your children tormented and your loved ones' graves desecrated each and every morning.

You take control of the malicious Paperboy (or girl) in question in this update of the fondly remembered 1985 arcade game. Your job is to supply the brightly coloured houses with newspapers and earn bonus points by vandalising the dark abodes of the nonbelievers. Eventually the heathens will learn the error of their ways and will subscribe to your rag, until you've got an entire street to deliver to. This brand new version works in the same basic way as the original, despite being set in a 3D environment. The streets twist and turn, but you're forced along a set path as you attempt to aim your daily bundle of mind control at the houses to the left and right before they disappear off the screen. Completing a successful round earns you access to a new level, until you take on the boss in a showdown that's completely out of character with the rest of the game.

As a wholly unnecessary addition, you can perform stunts and tricks on your bike. These are fine in the training arena when you can roam wherever you like, but they're very tricky during the forced- scrolling levels. You generally wind up landing on your head and wiping out, so the stunts really aren't worth the risk involved for the extra few points they offer. But when you look beyond the pointless extras and the funky new Ren & Stimpy graphics, it's still the same old Paperboy at heart. If you liked the arcade machine and don't mind putting up with the fact that you'll probably finish the whole thing within a couple of evenings, this is a reasonably competent, but extremely short-lived update.

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